Your Secret Superpowers…

Life is so simple yet so seemingly complex, and one thing we all know is that living can be challenging a lot of the times. Especially when we our stuck living in our heads and not in our hearts.  It is time to shift that.  In fact, I call this era “the Heart Age”.

Our hearts are the epicenters of compassion and when we live there we can be fulfilled and live from our true Supernatural powers – our Superpowers.

Historically, our power looks like it should come from the outside. Our heads and minds love the addiction to fulfillment looking like it comes from the external world. It is so insidious that we all get stuck in thinking that making it in the external world will somehow fill us up and make us happy vs living from the the authentic feeling based internal world fueled by our Souls.

We can all admit, the outside>in world approach is based on a plethora of wants and cravings and can be full of doing leaving us exhausted. The inside to out approach just feels a heck of a lot better when we can really live that way on an on-going basis!

I say that our true Superpowers are sourced from and about our journey to living from the inside>out and when we do, we then can experience a connection to the Divine that leaves us feeling truly rich with fulfillment. 

So let’s look at what your Superpowers really are and how we can shift into living more open-hearted, soulful lives embodying them.


1) The most important one is that YOU are the one you’ve been looking for. And the YOU that you are looking for is part of a Divine Consciousness that is so much bigger than all of us. A lot of us are spiritual seekers and we often look outside ourselves for the answers outside of ourselves to end our suffering (which can come from our wants and desires), but the answers we really seek lie inside of us in the stillness of the Divine connection.

When we are quiet enough to feel that connection to the Divine, all of the answers that we seek can just flow through us like a current connected to a bigger body of water.

Beautiful – You are the one you’re looking for, and when you connect to the Divine you will learn to trust in that in ways that are unimaginable.

2) YOU must stop hiding your pain. More research is showing that leaders who show their vulnerability are the ones who are the best and strongest leaders. One of the things I say is “your suffering is your service”. Your wounds turn into your wisdom and that’s the jet fuel for your Soul, the truth is truly your powerpack.

Your wounds actually inform and lead you to discovering and living a life full of impact; a life with purpose; a life that makes a difference. Now with this one, I am not talking about using your wounds and your vulnerability as the pathway to “getting something”. This distinction is not about sharing your wounds in a ted talk or on social media so that you can get more clients, get something or somewhere, or sell your programs and products etc.  That is using your vulnerability to manipulate and is transactional to say the least.

Sharing our suffering connects us to others, connects us to the Universal suffering.  We must remember that suffering (or Dukkha in Buddhism) can be part of the human experience unless we do the work to shift to connect to the bigger ocean of consciousness that transmutes and transcends it.

3) Know that you are always seeing YOU. We are a projection of self and Quantum Physics can prove that. We often look at another person and think, well how could they do that. But when you look to someone else as above us or below us, we are actually looking at ourselves in a mirror. When you own your own strength and you stop judging yourself for your flaws, you’re actually seeing the Superwoman in yourself. When you project that out, that’s all you’re going to see in others. It’s only when we’re really hard on ourselves that we move to judgement and pick up on the flaws in everybody else.

I have had to face my own propensity towards judgement in a way that has made me physically ill.  I have come to realize that I judge to keep me separate and safe so I don’t get hurt. Basically, I have judged before I am judged… This has been a very tough part of the wholeness of me to confront and heal.

I invite you to look at why you judge as we all do it!

4)  Awakening and awareness is the point. Please get that life is about the exploration of your own inner journey. As human beings, we have this special gift of being able to observe ourselves. We can be conscious of being conscious. We can take this for granted vs it being a true Superpower given to us by the Divine. Animals are not capable of this and we are blessed unless we do not utilize this gift.

I invite you to make your life about awakening to life, about exploring yourself and your relation to life, about moving from a goal setter and doer to being a Soul Seeker and Truth Sayer. This transforms you from a being who lives from the outside in, waiting for the stuff on the outside to make you feel a certain way to someone who is living a magnificent life one from the “inside out”. You learn that the deep ,deep connection to yourself is what life is about. It’s not about the external, it’s not about proving yourself, it’s not about the stuff. When has that stuff ever created fulfillment for us anyway?

Don’t get me wrong I love nice things and looking good too but to base our levels of fulfillment on what we have, our reputations or what we know makes for a very rocky existence.  Our stuff and our reputations can come and go YET no one and/or no thing can take away our awakening, our awareness of self and/or our levels of consciousness… No one! This is truly one of the most powerful Superpowers of them all!

5) Own that being empowered is your birthright. You are meant to be an amazing, empowered human; flowing in your power, flowing in knowing who you really are and living that inside>out journey and contributing from who you’re meant to be from your Soul’s yearnings.

6) Recognise that it’s never too late. It’s never too late to live a life you love and that loves you. It’s never to late to discover more, to tell the truth, to ask for forgiveness or grant it.

Especially around forgiveness the research shows that states of forgiveness increase   the level of frequency you’re emitting from your body. Forgiveness, and the state of forgiveness, is one of the most powerful states to come from and to be in.

7) Be a Truth Sayer. To be all of who you are meant to be, you’ll need to speak your truth. You will need to find and speak your voice if you haven’t or don’t already. Those of you out there who hide do so because you’re afraid you’ll hurt someone’s feelings or you’re going to get hurt. It’s time to let that one go. In order to be someone who is empowered and living their superpowers, you will need to speak up and speak out. It’s a practice, a ritual. Of course you need to be ecological about it, you need to make sure you’re responsible for the impact on others and on yourself, but it’s a muscle, a muscle to train. It’s a superpower, but you need to practice and own that you have a voice and that there’s truth in that voice which is meant to be heard.

8) Own your life, no matter what is going on. And yes, you’ve got to own even the icky parts. We’ve got to own the brilliant, the good, the bad and the ugly, and it’s an inside out game. We can maintain our superwoman status with our superpowers while we own and actually know that the universe works in mysterious ways. Part of the way the universe works is that it throws us the challenges and obstacles so that we can grow.

Growth is key and obstacles and challenges are expected. What I always say to my clients is “Big Life, Big Mission, Big Vision, Big Why = expect stuff to show up”. That’s the nature of the universe. We need to own and be empowered in the face of whatever shows up in our lives and tell the truth about it.

9) If you want to transform something, anything in your life, be present to it. Be fully present to it, like it’s the wonder of existence. The wonder truly is everywhere. Recall those moments you’ve had where you’re at the top of a mountain and you look out and have to breathe in the majesty of life, or maybe you’re with your beloved and you’re so in love you just can’t imagine what it would be like not to have that person in your life – those moments are moments of wonder, moments of presence. When you bring that kind of inquiry or that kind of presence to anything, even the stuff that’s hard, it will change how the situation shows up for you.

10) You have the power to change your life.  A quote written by one of my favorite authors Tom Robbins says “Know that everything is part of it, the mystery of life, and it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” So much of who we are and who we become is a reaction to what occurred in our early childhoods. It really is in our domain and our power to acknowledge our childhoods for what they were and move on, even when there’s really icky stuff in them. We have the power to shift the framework around what happened to us so that the meaning we give it is something that leaves us empowered. Some of us have some pretty dysfunctional or tough stuff that showed up in our past. Yet we have the power to change the decisions we made around those events and grant any forgiveness to those who were doing the best they could based on their childhoods. I am not saying this is easy but it is one of the most powerful Superpowers we have. We have the power to change the perceptions and the meaning of what has occurred in our lives – ALWAYS!

I invite you to empower yourself with a new belief and perception around what has happened until now. Even the stuff that wasn’t so great, believe that it was something our soul created so that we could learn the biggest lessons. We cannot change the past but we can certainly change any beliefs or perceptions we formed. Now, that’s a true Superpower!