You Are Goddess


Activate the Temples and Arcanas of the Sacred Feminine in You to Ignite & Embody Your True Gifts, Intuition, and Magic!

Accept the Invitation.

Come Home To Her.

Transmit Cosmic Joy.

Everyone wants the magic. 

Few have the courage to access the mystery that creates that magic.

This Divine Feminine revolutionary, immersive virtual program creates a powerful and transformational liminal space that leaves you embodying who you really are:

You Are Goddess

This journey is for you if you choose to join the Goddess revolution dedicated to the return of Divine Feminine Leadership, living from the flow of existence offered by the Goddess Frequency.  This is your opportunity to choose living a life of wonder over worry, love over fear, truth over illusion, presence over proving, the sacred over personal struggle, being a sovereign over living as a victim; all fundamental keycodes to living on the Goddess Path.

Through ancient Divine Feminine Ceremony, powerful transmutation processes which all include clearing your energy centers (chakras), MER (Mental Emotional Release) and being initiated into your Divine Feminine Archetype, you will activate your true gifts, intuition and luminary nature like never before.

This invitation is for you to embrace that you are nothing less than total phenomena, an evolutionary space-time event of experience, a Divinely Sovereign, Supreme Being embodied in Feminine Form. 

Bring forth your gifts found when connected to the Goddess Realm when you embody that YOU ARE GODDESS. 


You have been blocking HER, which in turn, is blocking you.

Now it's time to open your being and let YOU flow through you as the Goddess force you are.

An electric life force of energy, an alchemy of the mystery and magic here in a divinely sourced feminine body.

Accept the invitation. Come home to HER. Transmit Cosmic Joy.

You Are Goddess:

The Divine Feminine Guiding Program for Intuitive Souls

  • Step into this Sacred opportunity to live from your intuitive and Divinely Sourced Self.  
  • Develop your intuitive level of consciousness in a way that you trust the Sacred fully and start living from it sustainably.
  • Ground your body in the Goddess Energy, a signal and/or bandwidth of Ancient coded information. 
  • Get closer to YOU by getting closer to HER - the Divine Feminine Light Source.
  • Learn how to steward in the Intuitive Age and move out of the Information Age.
  • Experience a new level of integration and embodiment of your Higher Self.
  • Rewire your brain from keeping you in a chemical bond with suffering to birthing a creative love affair with the magnificence of existence.
  • Make the monumental transition from being stuck living and working in the vicious cycle of the Identity Focused Economy (focus on what is best for Self) to the Collective Economy (focus on what is best for ALL).
  • Meet, cultivate and “in”body the electro-magnetic signature that is YOU!

Enter the Portals of  Goddess Temples to Discover Your Ancient Divine Feminine Archetype...

Align Your Energy Centers (Chakras)...

Raise Your Energy Frequency and Level of Consciousness...

Activate Your True Gifts...

Ignite Your Higher Guided Intuition

Be the Luminary You Are & 

Deepen Your Experience of Wonder... 

HOME Portal

The Grounded Being 

(Temple of Mother Gaia) 

Root Energy Center: 

The portal for earthly grounding, security and safety in survival. Integration here means you feel trust and belonging and safety. You say “I am home, safe and I own my experience”.  Without full integration in the root, you will experience anxiety, fear and every other emotion based in those lower frequencies.


The Emotional Being

(Temple of Lilith)

Sacral Energy Center:

The portal in our bodies where we experience the entire Universe. Integration here means you feel your feelings and use them as the sign posts for your alignment that they are. In this portal, you say “I sense, see and honor my feelings and gut intuition.” Without integration here you will experience emotional instability, imbalanced sex drive, and often feel alone.

POWER Portal

The Empowered Being

(Temple of Destroyer Kali)

Solar Plexus Energy Center:

The portal where your fire and your sense of empower get sourced from when integrated. When this energy center is “on-line” and in flow, you have a strong sense of your “I AM” presence and you open your mind to all of the possibilities in the Infinite Field. Lack of integration here and you will feel oversensitive, overwhelmed and lack of self confidence.

LOVE Portal

The Love Being 

(Temple of Healing Mary's)

Heart Energy Center:

The portal of your magnetic energy. If you have blockages in the heart, your life is a reflection of those blockages. When fully open, you're always available for the magic and mystery of the Universe to show up. Love resonates at the highest frequency and when your heart is fully open, it turns Love "on" as the attraction force it is, and this amplifies love returning to you. Life starts making love to you!


The Creative Being 

(Temple of Creator Aphrodite)

Throat Energy Center: 

This is the portal of true expression and communication. If you can’t “speak it”, you will not “have it” in your life. Blockages in the throat leave you separate from the life you are destined to live. Integration in the throat portal opens you up and connects you to your authentic self expression and empowers you to communicate what you yearn for, born out of your surrender to the Infinite Field of Possibilities.


The Intuitive Being 

(Temple of Priestess Isis)

Third Eye Energy Center:

The Portal of Seeing and Intuiting. Living from this energy center brings you to living your most connected life born from your intuition. When fully online, you experience profound seeing, connectivity, synchronicities, perfection of the Universe, and highly guided access to the Infinite Field of Possibility. When out of alignment, you can feel totally alone, separate from the Universe and not trust your intuitive self and your "seeing". Without it coming online, we will never feel entirely home as trusting, intuitive, and powerful Creatrix's of the Universe.


The Enlightened Being 

(Temple of Queen Kuan Yin)

Crown Energy Center:

In this portal, our minds, bodies and spirit meet and can become one. Here is where we LIVE our Sovereignty and experience Unity within our daily experience. Our minds take their rightful place as servant to the Soul when integrated at the Crown vs being run by the mind as the illusionary master. Lack of integration here can have us spin out and never feel actually here as an embodied being.


The Star - Cosmic-Galactic Being 

(Temples of Sophia & Shekinah)

Energy Centers 8-12

Multi- Dimensional Centers:

In these multi-dimensional portals, you connect to what you are made of - the infinite. You transition from someone who lived from the density of gross matter to living from the subtle realms available when we connect to the higher dimensional energies. This is the pinnacle of the journey as the Goddess you are will land in your body as you are sourced by HER - the infinite!

Who is She? She is your power, your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Goddess. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. The life force. The first time, the twentieth time you may not recognize her. Or pretend not to hear. As she fills your body with ripples of terror and delight.

But when she calls you will know you’ve been called. Then it is up to you to decide if you will answer.”

 Lucy H. Pearce

Burning Woman


If you're not walking around daily feeling a vital force of creativity, connection and certainty moving through you, then you are not being sourced by the Goddess signal.

The Goddess Signal is a bandwidth of consciousness that comes through you as a vital life force - a Goddess Force referred to as SHE or HER. 

SHE is not a pronoun, but a Realm of Possibility. 

SHE is the infinite realm of possibility. 

SHE is a frequency available to you when you are ready to uplift and BE it. 


Oh Angel, trust me, you will know when you're ready!

SHE does require some things from you though ...

If you're stuck in the story of your past and have not transmuted it from losses and pain to profound learnings, you will block the Goddess Signal.

If you're stuck living from, and fascinated by your mind and you don’t live in your body, you will not feel HER. 

If you're stuck in victimhood, feeling like life happens to you vs for you, you will not meet HER.

If you're stuck in judgement and polarity, where there is right and wrong, good and bad, light and dark, you will miss HER.

The Goddess Force is an intimate and ultimate ownership of the only story there is. 

Yes, there is only one story to live from and in.





Everything until your embodiment of HER has been make-believe. 

There is only one real story: The Goddess Story

And the YOU ARE GODDESS program will be where you transmute your past and commune and come home to Her (You). 

It is the place where you will come home to Her (and You)!

Are you ready to experience Magic & Mystery in the You Are Goddess program?

  • Embody the Goddess codes... "IN" body your sovereignty by Being
  • Become a Divine Feminine Guiding Facilitator
  • Discover why you ache to experience deep connection with all, and how to turn that yearning into a life designed by the Divine
  • Experience yourself as a Sacred Journey Woman of the Cosmos
  • Live from the Divine Feminine Goddess templates
  • Fall deeply into your loving vessel of all experience - Your Body
  • Build the scaffolding necessary to live as the Goddess that you are and empower others to do the same
  • Discover and cultivate your electro-magnetic Goddess signature
  • Discover your intuitive type to help usher in the Intuitive Age out of the Informative Age 
  • Gain mastery on how to utilize the power of your intuition to work with crystals, sound healing and your chakra system to strengthen your cosmic connection 
  • Merge with the yearning you have to know who you really are
  • Meet "you" and life on the most intimate and beautifully connected level
  • Join the Goddess path on the adventure of remembering who you really are
  • Reunite with the Goddess force
  • Reclaim your Divinely Sourced Self by claiming the Goddess path

Alexandra puts her heart and soul into the adventure and guides in the most authentically intuitive way. The space she holds for transformation is unlike anything I have ever experienced. From breaking down limiting beliefs to the point that I couldn’t even remember what they were, to reconstructing relationships to having a completely new perspective, understanding and LOVE for life. I feel more clarity than I have ever felt and I am a totally different person from when I embarked on this journey. Thank you Alexandra Joy Smith, I am forever grateful!”

- Ilana K.

Goddesses, Mystics, Angels, Healers, Priestesses, Luminaries, Sacred Journey Women & Soul Sisters-

It is time to LISTEN TO THE CALL, TO FEEL THE ACHE, and to say HELL YES to your Soul’s Whispers. The ache in your belly, the yearning in your Heart, the creative voice in your head is your invitation and invocation to live from a new paradigm—a new way of BEING guided by the ancient templates and cosmic coding of the Sacred Goddess. Templates are found in your beautiful body when you commune with it rather than avoid, resist, judge, and push against it.

Part of this communing happens when you explore and embody the YOU ARE GODDESS codes and templates informed by the chakra- energy system.  These internal 7 and external 5 chakras spin to draw in the energy from the Cosmos. They also function as grounding stations so that the powerful spiritual forces of the infinite integrate themselves in your body. This integration maintains and enhances your overall spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. 

This embodiment and alignment within your Energy System is key to living the Goddess that you are and absolutely crucial to experiencing a life made of love!

The YOU ARE GODDESS Full Embodiment Sphere

You Are Goddess


Gateway Immersion Days:

Gateway Days are the deep immersion experiences as part of the YOU ARE GODDESS Guiding Program. You will receive the context and the content in each immersion day that creates the foundational building blocks and scaffolding to support you in living the Goddess and BEING on the Goddess Path which requires full “in”bodiment. 

You will experience:

  • That you are the infinite field of possibility here in a body
  • Your Soul came to this experience with choice and intention
  • Discovering and owning your Sacred Soul Contracts and Agreements
  • How to truly forgive and transmute all wounds into your Wisdom 
  • The trap of dualism and find the freedom out of it
  • Experience transference and transmutation exercises
  • Own the Creator you have been and always have been
  • Own your State of Consciousness and raise your level of consciousness to meet your Soul’s yearnings and truths
  • Dissolve any issues with “The Mother”
  • Portaling into states of transmutation to transcend any remaining stories
  • Completion of life until now and powerful intention setting for your future
  • Transform your perceived obstacles into extraordinary teaching opportunities
  • Powerful Transmissions that shift your level of consciousness
  • Divinely Guided - Service Project
  • Determine your Intuitive Type
  • Powerful ceremony and guidance on how to facilitate divine feminine ceremonies for yourself and your Soul Sisters


Wednesday, September 29th 2021

Times to be announced

Gateway Immersion #1 

(3 Days)

Friday, 1st October, Saturday, October 2nd & Sunday, October 3rd 2021  

Times to be announced

Goddess Templars

Friday Afternoons

(First Phase)

Wednesday, October 6th

Wednesday, October 13th

Wednesday, October 20th

Wednesday, October 27th

12:22 pm - 3:03 pm PST / 3:22- 6:03pm EST

Gateway Immersion #2 

(2 Days)

Friday, November 5th & Saturday, November 6th 2021

Times to be announced

Goddess Templars

Friday Afternoons

(Second Phase)

Wednesday, November 10th

Wednesday, November 17th

Wednesday, December 1st

12:22 pm - 3:03 pm PST / 3:22- 6:03pm EST

Gateway Immersion #3 

(2 Days)

Friday, December 10th & Saturday, December 11th

Times to be announced

Sacred Ceremony, Celebration & Completion Portals

Friday, December 17th

12:22 pm - 3:03 pm PST / 3:22- 6:03pm EST

*All dates and times are subject to change

Goddess Templars:

You will play:

The Goddess Templars will be focused on getting you out of your head, living in your body where the Divine Feminine resides - your embodied highest self.

We will take a deep dive into Goddess Portals and become present and related Ancient Goddess Archetypes related to the templating of each energy center (Chakras) as the keycodes that they are to raising our energy frequencies and levels of consciousness. 

When each energy center functioning in total harmony with the other, it creates the wholeness of who we are - with this level of coherence we can experience joy, vitality, and peace.

The Goddess Templars will be held almost bi-weekly for 3 months (2.5 hours) and will be recorded in case you're unable to attend live.

Sacred Ceremony Training Day:

Goddess Ceremony:

Note:  At times, Special Goddess Guest Star facilitators will assist in leading Ceremony.

You will not only participate in Goddess Ceremony yourself, but also learn how to facilitate the ceremony yourselves! 

Part of discovering and owning that YOU ARE GODDESS is ensuring that you have in place what nurtures the Goddess Bandwidth.  

To sustainably live in THE FIELD of Goddess you must have your set of rituals and ceremonies in place. 

Expect to experience and play with:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation & Breath Work
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Setting up an altar
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Sound healing
  • Sitting in Sister Circles
  • Facilitating Sister Circles
  • New Moon & Full Moon Circles


You will also receive:

  • Raise Your Frequency Sacred Session: One Private 60 minute VIP Sacred Session with Alexandra Joy towards the end of the Journey. 
  • Goddess Sister Spheres: You will have a Soul Sister Empower Spheres (circle of 2-3 women) throughout the program who you will arrange to meet with weekly.
  • Access to modules of the Find Your Shine Online Program: A Transformational Makeover for your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Your Goddess Gifts

In addition to the program you will receive bonuses including:

  • Discovering & Owning Your Enneagram: Virtual Playshop Recording (2 hours) 
  • Support Transmission/Meditations released 2 x month across the duration of the program
  • Live Your Myth Manifesto: Envision Your Magnificence - a journal for your Soul's Truth 
  • On the Go Soul Guiding & Sister support via Whatsapp
  • Transcripts of each Goddess Templar (posted approx 7 days following the live sessions)
  • Access to Goddess Guiding FB Group Support
  • Plus...other surprise Goddess Gifts!

"I discovered in my work with Alexandra what it really is to live from my purpose in total harmony in my life. I have transformed every area of my life and feel that I now create what I am meant to have in my life from a place of ease."

- Britt

You Are Goddess


A deposit OF $444 and 10 ADD'L monthly payments of $444




/ mo

If you are interested in joining the You Are Goddess program and want to get a taste of my work and discuss the program further, sign up for an Intuitive Soul Guiding Session to get a taste of my work in the Quantum, and we'll deduct the cost of the Quantum Intuitive Soul Guiding Session from the price of the program.

The You Are Goddess Program will take you from 'Sacred Journey Woman' to a Transmitter of your own access to the Divine by BEING your in-bodied Divine Feminine Essence (Archetype). 

There are messages that you have been receiving your whole life, but you may never have known how to develop your own pathway and portals to trust and follow them. This is not a systems or strategy based journey; this is a Quantum Adventure into the Arcana's of the Magic and Mystery of HER (Sacred Feminine) and is deeply rooted in the principles of Spiritual & Physical Sciences. 

This Program is for your Soul if you yearn to:

  • Develop your intuitive self and your inner healer
  • Have your vision realized, not just remain in the frequency of wanting it
  • Reveal the Healer that you really are
  • Get out of your head and land in the body
  • Connect deeply with other Soul-Sisters
  • Discover why creating rituals and ceremonies help ground and anchor the higher frequencies
  • Reveal and clear your limiting beliefs and negative emotions that lie in the subconscious
  • Access your creativity on levels you never thought possible
  • Experience radical wholeness and integration of all parts of yourself
  • Learn how to use any fear and doubt as the opportunity to learn from

"In my work with Alexandra, I had a ton of clearing of my limiting beliefs and emotions that stopped me. I have totally upleveled what I accept and want in my relationships with men. Incredibly, my relationship with my Dad has totally healed in ways that I didn't think possible.

- Liz


Valued at $10k

  • Gateway Immersion Days - 6 x Days of Virtual Immersion (held Friday & Saturday mid days (PST): Immersion days will that will orient you to the Goddess frequency through providing Cosmic Content based in neuroscience, bioenergetics, ancient divine feminine history and the spiritual sciences to assist in you transforming into BEING the Sacred Feminine in the Multi-Dimensional Universe - The Arcana of Magic and Miracles (Immersion Transformation at $5555)
  • Goddess Templars: - These 8 - 2.5 Hour Workshops are all recorded if you have to miss one! (Transformation valued at $3333)
  • Raise Your Frequency Sacred Session: One Private 60 - minute VIP Sacred Session with AJOY towards the end of the Journey (Transformation at home valued at $555)
  • Goddess Sister Spheres- You will have a Soul Sister Empower Spheres (Circle of 2-3 women) throughout the Program that you will arrange to meet with weekly.
  • Goddess Gifts & Bonuses (valued at over $2000)

You Are Goddess


A deposit OF $444 and 10 ADD'L monthly payments of $444




/ mo

If you are interested in joining the You Are Goddess program and want to get a taste of my work and discuss the program further, sign up for an Intuitive Soul Guiding Session to get a taste of my work in the Quantum, and we'll deduct the cost of the Quantum Intuitive Soul Guiding Session from the price of the program.

Alexandra Joy Smith has been on a path of devotion to her continued spiritual awakening for over 35 years. In her field of work, you will discover the art and science behind being fierce, fearless and free as an integrated and embodied woman connected to the Divine (Source). By utilizing her degree in psychology and the most innovative methodologies based in spirituality, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, quantum energy field sciences (that she has trained in for over 35 years),  Alexandra guides you to transmute what stops you by energy hacking into any limiting beliefs, disempowering emotions and old stories that keep you anchored in the past. She sees into your multi-dimensionality and assists you in transmuting the past so that you can unlock the only truth there is - you are an infinite field of possibility! 

Through her work you connect to the truth which provides you access to your Soul’s destiny. This is when you are able to raise your vibration to match those things you are meant to attract in your life. Through her access to the Divine Light, she plays daily in embodying her Cosmic Queen Essence/Archetype.

She holds the intention to steward in and assist with integrating fully, the Divine and Sacred Feminine Light Energy into our planetary vibration. The You Are Goddess Program is her gift to the world. It is through women embodying their own unique archetype/essence that we will find the freedom to create existence together as the magical experience it is!

She calls it "DIVIGNMENT"- Living Aligned to the Divine… And the intention of the You Are Goddess Program is to leave you in total and complete “DIVIGNMENT”!

"I experienced such incredible results working with Alexandra that I wasn't able to attain in other transformational and spiritual disciplines."

- Julie D