A Virtual Temple on - February 18th,2021 3:33PM PST


    “The Cosmic Queen Retreat created a powerful container where I was able to identify where I am really healing right now ~ I uncovered the root of some of the sadness I had been experiencing. I felt able to be completely vulnerable, fully supported in my experience (including the most lush blankets of all time!), and seen by the cosmic queens around me. Alexandra is a powerful energy, and the way she approaches coaching is open-hearted & to-the-point. This is my style ~ I am not a fan of sugar-coating, but I am an extremely sensitive soul that needs there to be heart in every interaction. I was met with that & more. I sincerely look forward to working with Alexandra in the coming months.”

    Abigail Sickinger


    “Alexandra Joy is a magical human being who understands the divine female energy better than anyone I’ve come across. She is a combination of feminine (soft) yet fierce and can read into people. I loved her retreat so much and would 100% recommend her.”

    Jennifer Freidman


    “The Cosmic Queen Retreat was an amazing and beautiful event dedicated to my mind, body, and spirit. Yoga was a great way to get into my body before diving deep inward. The content and coaching by Alexandra was absolutely mind-blowing and I had a few breakthroughs that have made a huge difference in my life post-retreat. This event made me realize that a majority of the personal development resources out today won't make a difference if I don't heal and reflect on the traumas that I repressed for so long. I felt more loved and in control of my mind than I ever have before. I recommend this retreat to anyone that is looking for a major shift in their life right now! When women support each other, incredible thing happen.”

    Niki Van Houten