The Greatest Shift In Consciousness is Now


We are now feeling and experiencing the greatest shift in consciousness in over 2000 years.  Many refer to this massive frequency upgrade as the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. 

To be clear, the frequency shift really started in 2011-2012. It is only now that we are experiencing “the shift hit the fan”!

The Piscean Age has been dominated by the individual. The individual who seeks power, control and has been consumed by extreme self focus. 

In this age, you found yourself by finding something to believe in that was outside of you. You finish the phrase “I am” with something like your nationality, your political party alignment, your religious affiliation, the color of skin, your age, your gender- all and any of these affiliations aid you in finding a sense of self based in the definitions and meanings found in what you have attached to.  

Beliefs, ideologies and ways of thinking outside yourself usually have lots of rules affixed to them especially in religious environments. Once you attach to them your life becomes dictated by that affiliation. What you probably didn’t realize is that the level of functioning and existence you are operating in is based in separation, judgement, duality, survival and ultimately is being run by the old model of existence and reactive states of consciousness. You are anything but “in control” of your Soul’s destiny.

More importantly, in the old age, you were driven to find something to give you and your life meaning and direction. Again, this might have been your beliefs in your religion, your political ideology, an educational philosophy, your work, the philosophy of the community you live in etc. This has been the foundation for “Self’ knowing itself for the last 2000 years. You literally have been the totality of what you have learned from and what your parents, grandparents, great grandparents and what your immediate community believed in and adhered to at the most cellular of levels. 

A key phrase in the old model of existence was “I love what I do” because that was where the meaning of self was found… in the DOING not the BEING!

Proving oneself in and to the pecking order of family, community and society was paramount (aka totally what we see with this whole new drive that people have to make it through being an “influencer” on social media!) until now.

The dawning of the Aquarian age or what I refer to as the Divine Age is based in no one affiliation to any thing or anybody that defines you.

The only answer to the question “Who am I” in the new model of existence is some version of … “I am the infinite field of possibility”. 

There is no Guru because you are the Guru. You have all the information at your fingertips to become and be your ultimate teacher and guide.  There is not religious, political or a belief structures that you attach yourself to because YOU own that you are ALL parts of the consciousness and all parts of the human experience are available to you once you choose.

What is a keycode to living from the Divine Age is the total embodiment of your humility. There is no space in the new space for your ego to run the show.  In this new frequency you own that you are the Co-Creator of your experience and owning your Creatorship is the ultimate responsibility vs an ego based tool to further it’s pursuits. 

It is not about making where we have been wrong but it is about creating for yourself a complete exhale around where we are headed!

It might feel like a relief to know that all ways of BEING are available to you now. You don’t have to suppress any one part of you even what you might consider the darker parts! It is time to own ALL of who you are.

You can now have the support of higher frequencies to bring true SoulShip to your existence. SoulShip is leading your life from your Soul’s truth vs leading it from looking good, proving yourself to others and/or being attached to your affiliations as paving your way.

Yet with this frequency shift, it is your responsibility to stay on the inside of your own SoulShip (inner guidance) and that really takes something…

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in womankind and as all transmutation and transformation it is never a painless process. 

What can you do to help make this transition into this new age of divine SoulShip and consciousness? 

Here are some key suggestions:

  1. Create and live your rituals.
Pray, meditate, float (connect to the Astral & Galactic Planes), get into your body, do breath work and journal. Do what is necessary daily to be here in this body as the infinite field of possibility you are. 

  1. Shift your level of consciousness.
Do the work (I call it “play”) to raise your level of consciousness from fight or flight and reactive states which are based in fear to restful awareness, intuitive and creative states. 

This takes opening the door of your subconscious through the methods out there that offer this. I do this with my Goddesses in my Quantum Breakthrough Sessions that release their pasts, limiting emotions and negative beliefs.  I highly recommend finding a powerful technology or methodology to assist you in completing your past that works for you or you will be stuck in your conditioning and programming.

  1. Own your Creatorship.
The Divine Age requires you to totally live from the following “Universal Truths”.
*You are here as the infinite field of possibility in this body that you chose.
* Life happens for you not to you.
*You have come here to own your Sovereign Creatorship. Period.
  1. Attune to your language.
Everything that comes out of your mouth has a frequency and a vibration. You are constantly informing the Universe. So attune and clean up your language to activate a future that aligns to your Soul vs keeps you in the past.

  1. Be a light holder.
BE THE DIVINE and shine your light on all that you ar and all that you be — both internally and externally.
Welcome to the Divine Age- the Age of the Aquarian!
And so it is… And so it is!

with love & grace-
alexandra joy
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