The First Stage of Awakening: Waking Up

Life can be so simple, yet so complex. Whether we lie about it to ourselves and others, or not, we are desperate to look, discover and find something in our lives that will finally fulfill us; fulfill the ache of the ache, the yearning, the longing to belong and to love deeply and be loved greatly.

Some of us can fall into the trap and live in the illusion that life is an outside to the inside journey. We act like all the stuff we have, or are fighting to have, will make us happy (or is going to make us happy). We live in the darkest illusion that we do not have anything to do with what shows up in our lives.

Bottom line, to become fulfilled magical miracle manifestors in this co-created Universe we have to take on living life from the inside-out. We must awaken to the fact that we are energy and own that what shows up in our life is an out projection of our inner world. We must awaken to the fact that our energy holds a frequency and what shows up is a match to that frequency.

In the awakened path, we come to realize that there are stages of existence that we mature into. If we don’t, we fall pray to a life determined by what happens to us. We somehow unlearn what we knew as children – that life happens for us – and at some point in our adult lives, we have to relearn it through the lessons that we create to “grow us”.

As children we played and imagined existences and realities beyond what we saw and we treated life as play, not work.

We can look at our awakening, which is key to discovering our Soul fulfillment, as happening in stages. First we wake up, then we grow up, then we show up, and at the highest level of awakening and growth, we lighten up.

Waking up (living the awakened path) is no joke.

Many of us wait until a dark night of our soul, a crisis like divorce, death of a loved one, getting fired from a job, financial stress, or even ruin, getting dumped by a friend, or worse a group of friends, the list can go on. All of these moments force us to confront that life is not about what we have or what we do, but who we be and what we bring to living.

We have all heard that the pain we experience in our darkest moments can also be our greatest teacher. Yet that teacher can be brutal. I call it the “vomiting on the bathroom floor moments” where we are forced to face the darkest of who we wound up becoming, formed at the earliest ages of development.

However, without waking up we do not heal, we do not learn, we do not transform. It is the beginning of our Soul’s journey into the light; a light that shines bright on who we wound up being. We wake up to realizing that life happens for us, not to us. We wake up to ourselves being co-creators within an infinite field of possibility.

Waking up requires us to understand that we have co-created our whole existence and all that shows up in it, kinda like in the movie The Matrix. Our lives are the outward projection of years of programming in our earliest years of development and is influenced by our parents, communities and the world at large.

After waking up to who we really are – powerful beings beyond measure – we can often hit a road block. When we realize that we co-created our current life, we often want to transform things straight away. However, waking up doesn’t mean we can always do that. It is a process of discovery, unfolding and transmuting all the old beliefs and negative emotions that created the outward projection of our lives onto the screen in front of us. It takes time, and with the big patterns it can take a lot of time and energy to shift.

This is the first blog in a series of four that I will be sharing over the next few weeks. In the second one, we’ll be looking at Showing Up and how that is key in the transformation we desire after we Wake Up.

For now, know that Waking Up can be uncomfortable, but it is also illuminating, magical and necessary on the Soul Warrior’s path.