Building Spiritual Immunity Workshop

At a time when we ALL clearly could use some support, I am holding a special webinar to reveal ways in which we can build our Spiritual Immune Systems.

It’s one thing to take care of the health of our Bodies right now, but we also need to be attending to the health of our Hearts and Souls. We need to be fully integrated during the times that could challenge us the most and receive energy upgrades to stay strong in our channels (inner lives). There is so much potential fear we could be experiencing if we do not have any other operating systems within us to function from. This 60-minute Workshop will support you in learning some ways to navigate what is happening on this beautiful planet of ours in the most empowered way!

Please join me for this Special Virtual Workshop & Energy Upgrade Session to support you being in your sacred homes!

Saturday, June 6th at 10am PST

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