Simply Being Meditation Series

There is a wealth of energy that becomes available to you when you meditate that nothing else has the power to provide. By calming your mind and connecting your Soul to the infinite field of possibilities, you will experience the abundance of the Universe.

I have used my training in Transcendental Meditation, Creative Visualization and breathing techniques over the last 35 years, to put together some powerful meditation processes JUST FOR YOU.

Many people over complicate what meditation is, which is why I call it a Simply Being practice. You literally just sit in stillness. You are either just present to your breath and are in observation of ‘what is’ with no commentary, or you can be lead through a guided practice (my personal go-to).

The series includes 3 meditations each available in video and audio formats:

  • Simply Being: Total Relaxation
  • Simply Being: Invigorate
  • Simply Being: Creation

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Nothing has made more of a difference in my life than learning how to sit in stillness. I can honestly say that there is no other single way to impact your state of being then though the practice of sitting stillness and developing a meditation ritual.

Meditation is to the brain as exercise is to the body. It is not only a way to calm the very busy mind but it is a way to visualize and put energy towards creating a future that wouldn’t happen otherwise.