Rock Your Resolutions with Passion & Purpose Course



Thursday February 26th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST

In this 90-minute Teleseminar, participants will be powerfully guided through the powerful Dr. John Demartini Value Determination & Application ProcessTM where what is really important to you in your life gets illuminated, determined and defined. As a coach, I have taken clients through this process with amazing results. During this teleseminar participants will discover the power of the system for themselves through what is usually done in a more expensive one on one format, at a discounted rate.

Participants will get that their intrinsic values dictate their decisions and behavior in life and how disempowering it can be to impose any extrinsic motivation.   Our Core Values are the guiding principles that create our lives. It is an inside – out game! If you are somewhat unclear about your values, you can be unclear about what inspired actions to take next and be left potentially confused, frustrated and/or disempowered.

We will look at distinct areas in life and living with rigor and preciseness, which is specific to the Demartini Value Determination & Application Process. Participants will be asked to investigate their lives thoroughly with the following questions; How do you fill your personal and professional space, how do you spend your time, energy, money, where are you must organized and disciplined, what do you think about most, what do you visualize most that comes into reality much of the time, what do you talk to yourself and others about, what inspires you, what areas do you set goals in, and what do you love to study and research?

Once your highest values are determined, you will be lead through the process of linking your values to the living of your every day life.   It will become crystal clear for participants why things work and don’t work in their lives. Value linkage is a powerful process that clearly illuminates where we are “on and off”, why there is grace and elegance present some times and total boredom and frustration present at other times.

Join us for this Teleseminar

Thursday February 26th at 5pm PST / 8pm EST


If you missed my Rock Your Resolutions with Passion & Purpose Intro call where we learnt how to align the Value of discovering your Values, I encourage  you to listen to the recording BEFORE this next workshop. You can listen to the recording HERE.

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