raw, real & resilient

She is more Raw, Real & Resilient than ever.
She is learning – To be raw is to let in the experience of it all (which includes all of the messiness!).
To be real is to truly “let go” and let others in.
To be resilient is to get out of bed and take one step in front of the other even when all you want to do is curl up in ball and sleep all day.
To be raw, real and resilient is tapping into the super-powers offered by divine feminine energy!

I have lived my life seeking transformational and spiritual awakening so I could live from my highest self.
AND life has shown me often that experiencing raw vulnerability is the biggest teacher.

As Brene Brown says “vulnerability is not about the fear, grief and disappointment, it is the birthplace of everything we are hungry for.” In my “play” with clients, I call that hunger the “awakened yearning” within.

I have had some major sh*t show up in my journey and when you do 30 years plus of spiritual and transformational ‘work’ you can have some arrogance about being able to handle and transform anything and everything or even worse that the tough lessons won’t show up.

That lethal arrogance can masque a vulnerable heart and soul that is the portal to the awakened yearning – the hunger and yearning to create a life full of joy that has meaning, impact and that contributes!.

The Universe has it’s own plans for all of us to continue to AWAKEN and step into the BEING that we truly are! The Universe wants us to FEEL.HEAL&DEAL!

Here are some takeaways—

Raw & Real is the pathway towards the light…
Big purpose, mission & vision = big soul lessons!
Loving in the face of whatever shows up is where the wonder lies.
Getting really pissed off (with responsibility around it) when you need to is OK.
Self-expression is the last thing you want to give up!
Heal those “root of the root” harsh conversations about yourself inside your mind as ​that dialogue with self will show up in how others think they can treat you.
Do the “play” to feel.heal.deal as we are all whole, complete and perfect even with our truly adorable imperfections!