Purpose & Passion Workshop #7 – Values & Appreciation



TUESDAY, JUNE 30TH, @Walnut Creek – Danville, CA

In this last element of values, participants will completely embody the state of appreciation and gratitude. We all have heard that expressing gratitude or being in the state of gratitude is a powerful way “to be” in the world. Gratitude and appreciation can create a state of joy and generate energy and vitality like nothing else in our lives. Yet how do we create and sustain the states of gratitude and appreciation as a way of natural self-expression and a way of being rather then just an exercise we do in a journal, in prayer or in our heads?

Participants will discover how living from our highest value set and our highest purpose can create a state of gratitude and appreciation like never before. In this workshop, we will truly uncover clarity around gratitude and appreciation like never before. Bring your Gratitude journals if you have one!