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Welcome to the free video course, Breakthrough & Shine

The Breakthrough & Shine 7 day course promises to inspire the kind of breakthroughs in your life that create magnificent living!

In the course you will learn a distinct 4 step process.

Step 1 Dream – Get clarity about the authentic vision you have for you life by letting yourself DREAM about what you REALLY desire and yearn for in your life. Dreaming from your heart based on your unique essence and what is truly important to YOU creates an energetic state that is fundamental to the system!

Step 2 Discover – Get REAL about any barriers that may be in the way of you living a magnificent life you love. This step includes facing any obstacles in your way authentically and doing what is necessary to get the support you need and doing the WORK to transform them!

Step 3 Define & Determine – Get clear and specific about how you will actualize what you have uncovered in your process of ‘discovery’ and get very clear and precise about what you say you want and what inspired actions you will take to get closer towards manifesting a magnificent life you love.

This stage is not just about goal setting as you need to ask yourself what will it feel like, what is the energetic state that you will be in when you manifest those things you truly desire in your life. Get very specific with that energetic state you want to experience and attach it to what you have dreamt about in Step 1 of the process.

Step 4 Do & Deliver – Be in inspired action…This stage in the Power of Breakthroughs is where you put your inspired plans with attainable benchmarks into action remembering to attach a feeling and an energetic state to the inspired action you are taking towards creating a magnificent life.

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