Portals for Growth

I continue to be in awe of what takes my breath away on this beautiful planet.

Walking into our villa in Santorini recently, and seeing the spectacular view of the Caldera, was one of those moments that sent me to my knees in appreciation.

I have been traveling since I was a little girl.

One of my earliest memories was spending over 4 months in Cairo in a hotel that overlooked the pyramids. I was about 6 years old and can remember entering the dark small tunnels of the ancient mystery-filled pyramids and being captivated. I remember my first camel ride there, mostly because I was terrified that the cranky animal was going to turn around and bite my head off!

I was also exposed to the beauty of Mexico and the austere nature of the United Kingdom where we lived for periods of time in my childhood.

From then til now I have been blessed to visit every continent (except for Antarctica) … and have lived in the US, Australia and New Zealand (oh and New York City as well, which is it’s own country!).

I used to think that travel was primarily about experiencing other cultures (which it is), but I now realize that each place I have been blessed to see, feel, taste, and hear has transmitted the essence of that place, which includes it’s history and culture, into my Soul.

Those transmissions have left an imprint that have literally served as upgrades to my system.

Experiencing the world is like its own “earth school” and each moment I have taken to be present and in awe of it’s unique wonder is a moment where I have upgraded who I have been and what I am meant to be experiencing in my journey of Awakening & Becoming.