I realized again that I have an opinion about everything. I can totally sense how unless I am very “conscious” of it, listening can be just waiting to give my opinion about something that someone is saying to me. I so know better and have been highly trained in the art of powerful listening. But, outside client sessions,  “opinionating” all over people is so habitual for me, my brain and for our culture.

We can make being conscious about it a real choice though. We can just listen, and not interrupt anyone with my/our great insights about what someone is saying (especially as a coach who thinks she has great insights for everyone :)).  To do this we have to get that EVERYONE knows exactly what they need to know within themselves to create a life they love and if we listen without opinions then others might practice listening to their own “inner” voice. Their truth, their guides to creating lives that they love.

Can listening to another create true listening within another?

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