Moving from “I AM” to “WE ARE”

I have remained relatively quiet in my self-expression and have not been sharing really much of anything on my social media channels. Honestly, anything I really have to say seems to be oriented in feeling deep frustration at what I am seeing and experiencing showing up in the world. I have had to “shut up”, be still, feel and do contemplation work to discover the root systems that are at the source of my triggers before I dare try and communicate anything authentically. Taking this time has also allowed me to look at all the facets of what is happening— taking a view from all sides while trying to return to love no matter what. (I always recommend to my Goddesses that we stop, contemplate, look at all sides and drop into our hearts before reacting to anything in life… after all Love is the Universal Solvent!)

That being said, my divine assignment here in this lifetime is to guide women to awaken to their liberated selves and part of that is to empower them to always communicate from the heart (from the feeling body) even when it is not pretty, packaged and figured out (from the mental body).

So here I go. I’ve been so damn sad, frustrated and angry about how the United States and the people in it have been handling ALL the huge challenges we have been facing. I also can’t in my right mind post anything on social media about my life, my work, my programs without feeling so completely inauthentic and transactional. I have seen others do that in the space I “play in” which is what you might call the Optimal Living Space, or the work where Spirituality meets Science etc. When I have seen other’s using this time to sell their stuff, I just wonder if they are present to what we are really going through or are using spirituality to bypass the Collective pain with being transactional themselves by offering some “get your guy, get happy, get confident, get healthy, get rich…. get… get… get more stuff programs”.

I even know of a transformational training organization that has a live events/workshops business model that I have worked with before (meaning that they hold live events to train but also to intro and to sell their next courses to participants), that has done a “work around” the regulations behind gathering groups of people together in California. They actually moved their live training to Arizona and Florida this Summer when the rates of infection have ICU’s filled to the brim in those States.

We all know of people who are traveling on airplanes because they are just plain bored during all of what is happening and others who are convinced that Covid is some kind of fake conspiracy and share their beliefs about that all over social media.

I think we can all agree that we do not need more of what got us into this mess, what we need as a Collective is so much greater than “a learn how to get more for ME program”, or more individual choice making with no regard for the whole. I think we can all agree that this time is THE OPPORTUNITY to Awaken to our Collective connection and to live run by something so much greater than just our individual wants and needs… and more importantly this is our chance to return to being led by love not just led by what has been “normal” up until 2020!

I have not been able take a deep breath during these times where so many are exhibiting “individualism (all about me)” and pointing fingers at others vs taking on full responsibility for their part in the Collective. Not to mention how many people are using their perception of what it is to have individual rights which is getting totally collapsed with no regard for the Collective or the Health of the Whole (even in professed Spiritual and Transformational training environments).

My heart aches for what we are being called to create and that creation is a new way of being in the world which no one is willing to talk about. A world where we choose from our heart space rather than being led by our heads. What is amazing is that we are willing to fight for a return to what we call “normal” and have not asked whether “normal” was really working. My assumption is that life was working for most people and that is why we are fighting for a return to it. I ask you- was our health and medical care system working and should it return to “normal”? I lived in countries where health care is socialized and let me tell you those systems work! Is our education system here in the US “working”, how can it be when the USA is number 6 on the list of most educated countries and it proclaims itself as the World’s supposed “SuperPower”. Is it OK that people struggle from paycheck to paycheck pre-Covid and are now forced to stand in food lines to put food on their tables because they had no emergency fund? There are countries that are providing weekly wage subsidies and rent free breaks (like in New Zealand and Australia) during the Covid crisis. These countries have supported their citizens and businesses during these times and the US can barely afford to.

Let me be clear that I am not political AT ALL yet this is not about politics this is about humanity and our Collective level of consciousness. The level of consciousness that we are behaving from is what is concerning. The focus being on ME and not the WE (the concern for the community at large).

As someone who also empowers women to be liberated from their limiting beliefs and negative emotions I certainly have had to “do the work” myself! Especially when my thoughts around what I am observing in the world causes me frustration, anger and sadness (that I am labeling as those emotions). Really, any labeled emotion is a group of sensations in the body that we are taught to label and then at the extreme end medicate these felt sensations if they get out of control. What I am constantly being called to be more present to is my thoughts that create the sensations in my body before I label them and react from them. It doesn’t mean I or we shouldn’t have thoughts but we need to be very aware of the thoughts driving unwanted sensations in the body before reacting.

Now I am also not talking about not dealing with our beliefs and negative emotions ( aka sensations in the body), by just spiritually by-passing them with meditation or mindfulness or just sitting. There is clearly work to do which starts with us anchoring ourselves strongly in a Soul- based SELF (which takes “doing the work” to Awaken to!). But this work is not in honor of the good of a “ME getting more”, the work is in honor of the Collective- the “WE” not only surviving but thriving.

What we are ALL missing is that we are all inherently made of community. The world we live in is a macro of the human body that provides us our human experience.
We have 37.2 trillion cells in our body; if one of those cells fought for its independence from another, our systems would be in havoc and eventually break down. Each one of our cells has its unique function yet works interdependently with another. This means that a liver cell works in synchronicity and partnership with a kidney cell and so on and so on throughout the body. Yet the liver cells cannot declare themselves “independent” from the kidney without impacting the health of the whole system on a catastrophic level.

The human body seeks survival but cannot do so without a Collective Conscious that must exist on the cellular level. We too are a function of the whole system. Each one of our individual “independent” choices has an impact on the whole system. Period.

I ask all of us , no I implore all of us, to STOP, CONTEMPLATE, BREATHE and to FEEL. Not only feel how we are experiencing what is happening, but in concert with our own experience, dare to experience in ourselves the space between us. The space between us is the space that ties us together and influences one another on the deepest level. After all, there is 99.9% more space between us than there is matter (the stuff which includes us).

​​This is the first step to living an Awakened life.​

I want you to do a quick exercise for me.

I ask all of us, to STOP, BREATHE, FEEL & AWAKEN before filling in the “I Am”, “I AM A” and/or “I AM NOT” statement with answers that make us more attached to a role or a belief system or a specific state … “I AM or I AM A or I AM NOT A”…

Gen X
Gen Y
Gen Z

Any label etc

Said another way, using the lens of what Quantum Science has now proven, we now know that as soon as you fill in the I/I AM/I AM NOT sentence with a label, you are collapsing a wave (which is the realm of possibility) into a particle or matter (which is the realm of objects) . You literally become an object with describable properties and close down the wave of possibilities that your “I” truly is.

In other words, when you attach a label to YOU, the “I”or “I AM” you are objectified. When actually the “I” in the “I AM” is who you really are and YOU are made up of energy and that energy is a field of infinite possibilities. Saying “I AM a Millennial or Democrat or Woman or Latino is like saying I AM a defined self and you are then limited inside whatever definitions that framework has. If you say it you grow into what you said you are and what others have reached a consensus on what a said label means.

Again, the “I” that you are is energy, it is everything (whole and complete), it is full of the infinite field of possibility of ALL THINGS and YOU get to decide who, why and what you are moment to moment based in what is ecological (ecology=good for you, other’s and the community at large). You can create yourself always which is truly owning the Creator that you are!

If you hadn’t noticed so much of what we have used to define or label ourselves is being torn apart at the seams. What and how we have defined ourselves or our allegiances is all changing. Whatever you used to fill in in after “I AM” is being forced to be altered, transformed, defined in a new way.


Whatever you take the time to breathe, feel into and declare as a defined self is a Sacred Act more than it has ever been!

This new declaration of self after the “I AM” is the opportunity we are being forced into reckoning with. This requires our courage and our open hearts and an orientation around a Collective consciousness vs a self-focused ME ME ME consciousness.

Surely, we can all agree that we are part of a bigger whole at this point of our evolution
AND we can experience that what each one of us does affects the other on the micro and macro levels. Just like the community of trillions of cells in our body, we affect one another and are interdependent on one another.

Let’s finally Step into a new “I AM” that starts from the possibility that “WE ARE”…
What are “WE”?
Who are “WE”?
What do “WE” stand for”…
And all the while answering these questions in a way that further unifies us rather than continuing to tear us apart? Answering these questions returns us to love rather than “normal”.

These are the questions I am asking myself and I invite us all to start asking ourselves instead of being obsessed with our individual needs. We are no”body” without the community of 36.2 trillions cells that we are, just like we are nothing without the 7.8 billion other people who live on this beautiful planet of ours. We cannot continue to live without love leading.

My heart and soul are left with this from Meggan Watterson (author of Reveal) —-

“When prayer joins right action, when we move from the intention of creating only more love, then abundance is inevitable (for all of us). And when we seek not just for ourselves, but also for the benefit of loved ones and the community (at large), our needs are divinely met. The most sacred path is the one abundant with love>”