Love Your Unique Connection

I recently had my connection to the Divine Light Source questioned by a family member who has a belief system (structured in a Religious framework) that is totally established and bought into that you have to believe in a certain way in order “to be saved and make it to heaven”… (their words not mine!!). Heaven for them (and their indoctrinated belief systems) being something to get to and something other than what we get to experience day to day in this experience of Wonder and Magic (which I call Heaven on Earth)!

Though I was triggered at the time, being challenged about my path is not really a problem for me as I realize that ALL beings will need to find a way in whatever way they “find a way”… and, sometimes when finding it, humans get positional about their way.

My hope is that any “surrendered way” that works for any of us (which hopefully is sourced from the heart) will at some point show all of us that any way that creates separation or fear, on any level, is the opposite of what we ALL yearn for – LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Yet, for some people, they need to buy into a rigid religious framework (that leaves others outside of it if they don’t follow it’s framework). This actually creates an exclusive vs inclusive energy that has nothing to do with the experience of the Divine or LOVE!

This is where I have a problem. Again, the Divine is Divine because there is no inside – or outside; there is no part of, or not part of. There is no separation. The Divine is whole and complete and creates more love in our lives, not fear.

I have been in the journey for over 30 plus years and have been seeking a deeper connection to the Divine all the while (not that I would have known to name the process that during my entire journey!).

What I know from my Soul is that it is none of my business what another’s pathway is to the Divine, and it is not anyone’s business what mine is.

I believe in Angels (and have a special relationship with Archangel Michael). I believe in Endless amounts of Possibility, Connecting to the Unified Field (aka the Divine), and have hope and faith and am on my knees with gratitude at every sunset… and mostly I believe in LOVE LOVE & MORE LOVE!