Sacred Feminine Intuitive Soul Guiding Readings


If you’re seeking your Soul's Truth and want to experience a taste of my work in the Quantum, this reading is for you.

You’ll leave the session having raised your frequency while activating more light and love into your life. You'll shift your vibration to move into inspired action in alignment with your Heart and Soul (not your mind) while experiencing what it is to be connected to the Divine Feminine.

Alexandra Joy is a magical human being who understands the divine female energy better than anyone I’ve come across. She is a combination of feminine (soft) yet fierce. I would 100% recommend her."

― Jennifer F,

You Will:

  • experience being fully seen  
  • you will discover truths about your Soul that you are finally ready to hear! 
  • you will be introduced to some tools to work with your energy field
  • you will feel into a powerful vision for your life
  • determine where you need the immediate boundaries to support your energy flow
  • experience the Sacred Feminine Realm as a way to shift the major areas where you are blocked 
  • get a taste of my work 
  • and most importantly feel the magnificence of YOU and your beautiful Soul!

Is a Sacred Feminine Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading right for you?

An Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading is for you if you are ready:

  • to make invest and commit to your Soul's truth
  • to have a taste of my powerful Quantum Intuitive Soul Guiding work
  • to explore the Divine Feminine- the Sacred Realm that opens up gateways to the magic and mystery of the Universe
  • to have an experience of the Wonder available when you trust in your own magnificence

An Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading is not:

  • A standard psychic reading - it isn’t about predictions and seeing your future
  • Me telling you what job or career to pursue, or whether you will marry your current partner (yet that might happen in the session as well!)

Alexandra puts her heart and soul into the adventure and guides in the most authentically intuitive way. The space she holds for transformation is unlike anything I have ever experienced. From breaking down limiting beliefs, to having a completely new perspective, understanding and LOVE for life. I feel more clarity than I have ever felt and I am a totally different person from when I embarked on this journey. Thank you Alexandra Joy Smith, I am forever grateful! <3”

― Ilana K.

Only $333 for a limited time!

Ready to book your reading?

Once you invest in your Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading below, you'll receive:

  • A quick questionnaire to complete which helps prepare you energy field for our Session
  • Access to my calendar to select your Sacred Reading time
  • Link to join me online, via Zoom, to attend your 75 minute session
  • Link to your Session Invoice 

Please note: the session fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and must be used within 30 days of purchase.

If you are interested in joining the You Are Goddess program, sign up for an Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading to get a taste of my work in the Quantum, and we'll deduct the cost of the Reading from the price of the program.

Alexandra Joy Smith has been on a path of devotion to her continued spiritual awakening for over 35 years. In her field of work, you will discover the art and science behind being fierce, fearless and free as an integrated and embodied woman connected to the Divine (Source). By utilizing her degree in psychology and the most innovative methodologies based in spirituality, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, quantum energy field sciences (that she has trained in for over 35 years),  Alexandra guides you to transmute what stops you by energy hacking into any limiting beliefs, disempowering emotions and old stories that keep you anchored in the past. She sees into your multi-dimensionality and assists you in transmuting the past so that you can unlock the only truth there is - you are an infinite field of possibility! 

Through her work you connect to the truth which provides you access to your Soul’s destiny. This is when you are able to raise your vibration to match those things you are meant to attract in your life. Through her access to the Divine Light, she plays daily in embodying her Cosmic Queen Essence/Archetype.

She holds the intention to steward in and assist with integrating fully, the Divine and Sacred Feminine Light Energy into our planetary vibration. The You Are Goddess Program is her gift to the world. It is through women embodying their own unique archetype/essence that we will find the freedom to create existence together as the magical experience it is!

She calls it "DIVIGNMENT"- Living Aligned to the Divine… And the intention of the You Are Goddess Program is to leave you in total and complete “DIVIGNMENT”!