intuition 1.0

Intuition (for me) is the experience of closing my eyes and becoming totally present to my breathe, the moment, the “now”.  There is a sense of making direct contact with myself in the here and now versus the “me” that I experience as some conversation in my head.  There is a flow into a deep connection to something bigger that just seems to seep in naturally.

We all have the potential to connect to something bigger that guides us, that nourishes us, that fills us with the sense of certainty, serenity and surrender. Wayne Dyer, said something to the effect of “if you knew who was walking down the path with you, you would have no fear” which always has blown me away.

Intuition for me is the moment “we “ get that we are walking down the path with ourselves sometimes in concert and sometimes in conflict but intuition is always available to us and is only one deep breath from our reach.

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