Your Intuition is the Gateway

There is a pervasive illusion/delusion promulgated by patriarchal energies, which isn't about male versus female. It's about the patriarchal versus the matriarchal, the divine masculine versus the divine feminine. This illusion/delusion, lack of connection to the absolute truth, has been its own epidemic, pandemic; an everlasting dis-ease within our culture, our civilization. We must at this stage in consciousness, at this stage of growth as a civilization, pierce the myth. Pierce the delusion, end the delusion. It is time.

What is the delusion?

It is the delusion that we as women must find our power and empowerment the way that men do, or better said, that the divine feminine has been following the path of the divine masculine for thousands of years now.

The path has been one that has been encased, enveloped in a belief that we as women must be successful, climb ladders and win over others, to not only exist and survive, but to thrive. This is the illusion/ delusion. It is time to drop, anchor, embody and mostly own, that women and the divine feminine path has its own coding, its own distinct way of being in the world.

This way of being, this new or actually ancient way of being is what is needed.This way of being is founded in the subtle energy, the wave versus particle that which you cannot see versus see and is so evident. Do you see the baby being grown in the belly in the womb? No. It incubates for nine to ten months within the mother's womb. It is not visible to the naked eye. We need instruments that have been created by man, which is a good thing, to see within. We have not created the instruments to see the within of the divine feminine energetic womb and its pathway. 

What we do know is that it is founded in intuition, the intuitive self, the development of a network of a way of being that is of what some people call the sixth sense. This network, this way of being coded, is inside, within the body phenomena. You want power, you want empowerment, you want to thrive? Stop looking in the way of the patriarchy or the divine masculine for that which you yearn for. What you yearn for is the divine journey within, which is a sacred feminine one. Intuition being the word, which really doesn't even describe the realm that this ground of being that I refer to as Her, She, Sofia, Source, has provided us. Intuition is just the edge. A word. Created by what we can understand so far. It is like a river or lake or body of water thinking it is the ocean. Intuition is part of such a bigger realm. Our intuition is grounded in being. It is in and of the body. The body, the temple that you came to experience fully as you experience experience. Intuition is a gateway. It's the portal. It's the way in. Intuition is rooted in the subtle realms of the energy centers, the chakras and the auric field.

If you want power of the explosive, yet quiet as is the epicenter of the tornado, live from within your intuition. There is so much that has been explored, and yet to be explored, about the power of intuition and where and how we develop it. I have developed the You Are Goddess program for this very reason. I empower women through them reaching in themselves to find their intuitive networking, which as I said is rooted in a specific set of circuitry based in the energy centers. If you want to know more, reach out. This is my passion. This is my Dharma. 

Your intuition is your gateway. I love you. I am on the Goddess path and want you to experience the same.