A Powerful Message & Intention for 2022!

Gorgeous Light-Filled Goddesses-

I sat down to write this message for the upcoming year whilst still on the sacred island of Kauai. What a vortex of tropical mystery and rainy magic (especially during the month of December!).  The kind of rain didn’t bother me because it was warm and somewhat humid. It truly felt like washing away anything that needed cleansing before moving into what I know will be a huge year for all.  

The year ahead will be powerful and transformative for many reasons one of which is based on angel numbers as 22 means that you are at a crucial nexus point in your journey, which will illuminate and end many of your Soul’s relationship contracts and spiritual assignments that you agreed to before coming into this iteration of self.  And once you create the space that will come with endings comes the need to fill that space with creation as nature abhors a vacuum.

What this means is it is THE TIME to get clear about your “Soul’s Awakened Yearnings” because your precious Soul burst forth in this life as the transmitter of connected levels of consciousness, which is the Soul’s evolution and journey!

Now getting clear doesn’t just mean writing your goal list or making a vision board. Those strategies are from the mind. They do assist us in focusing our energy, but aren’t we somewhat beyond using the “Law of Attraction” to get more stuff at this point?  Well, I am assuming it is if you are still reading this because that is who I attract 🙂

Nothing wrong with utilizing any of the processes that provide stepping stones to having and living a great life but what about it being YOUR TIME TO LIVE YOUR TRUTH & OWN AND EMBODY THE CREATRIX, THE SORCERESS, THE GODDESS YOU REALLY ARE! All these terms are really terms for naming the most accountable states to be living from which requires owning your full Sovereignty – the whole-hearted, divine feminine kind.


Being the Creatrix, Sorceress- THE GODDESS – does require something!

WHY? Because what comes with living the Creatrix and Sorceress that you are is the accountably for ALL that show’s up in your Soul-verse which includes the blissful and the miserable, the agony and the ecstasy, the ascension, and descension… ALL OF IT that exists in living life.

In the worlds of Spirituality and Transformation (and especially how it gets expressed on social media), you find so much emphasis on ascension practices, attracting and manifesting strategies, how to be happy, inner-bonding, and moving towards the light, etc.  Again, they are all useful, but not the pathway to fierce authentic alignment. The fact that life in and of itself can show up like a sh*t show at times. This is not shared about often and can leave us with no tools hence no power to go through our most challenging moments with grace and reverence – or as I like to refer to it – earth school.

Popular terms now for psychological labels for us or what we have in our descension moments are attachment disorder, trauma, PTSD, victimization, perpetration, depression, anxiety, mental illness and/or disease, and at the extreme end of spirituality – shadow, dark entity work, walk-ins release, etc.

Apparently labeling ourselves with some kind of disorder is meant to solve the sh*t show that we can go through this earth school.


What if the pain and suffering were part of what I call the earth school experience?

What if you agreed to a certain amount of pain and lessons on the level of the Soul before even arriving in this life?

What if we were now ready to honor that the most painful moments as our biggest teaching ones?

What if we taught our children to decode every moment of an upset as the powerful teachings they are rather than trying to rescue them or advocate for them leaving them free from feeling any pain?

What if the moments of descension all provided the greatest levels of lessons?

Simply put – What if our wounds led to our wisdom?


What if what was required to truly live from this awareness was discovering your truth and living your FIERCE AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT to it?

Really, I am serious. What if?


The discovery of your truth and living from your Fierce Authentic Alignment is core to the YouAreGoddess Journey —  knowing that it is easier to be in alignment and feel joy when life is perceived as going well but answering the question “how do we thrive when we are in the most pain, the most confrontation, the most inner chaos, the most hopeless” is the real work of the Goddess.

What I have found consistently is that the anchoring that descension is a necessary part of existence is not taught often. The Universe actually stays together through expansion and contraction. We would not be here without it.  More importantly, in that constant contraction and expansion, there are cycles of life that include creation, maintaining, destroying, and then sitting in a void (which is not empty but where the infinite field of potential lives) until some illumination comes through you to inform your next expansion.

We are actually in the cycle of life that is held by one big expansion-contraction phenomenon at any given moment and that hopefully has been our massive teachings and learnings from the last 2 years on this planet.

Even in some spiritual communities, coaching modalities, psychological and mindfulness teachings, there can be shame dished out around that which feels dark or deeply needing expression within the soul of self. Descension is explained away as a matter of the brain or attachment issues or other labeled conditions that need solving from the mind, not the body.

So could it be the time (2022!) to move into Fierce Authentic Alignment to our truth which includes transcending our relationship to that which we and/or others deem as dark, painful, traumatic, and so on? And is it the time to live that the cycles of life are a necessary part of fierce alignment?

I personally think that when we have the tools to thrive in descension, then ascension naturally arises as that is where mastery resides. The ability to be at peace and in joy inside ourselves no matter what occurs on the outside is how great teachers on the planet like Sadhguru define true success – and I totally agree!

How do I know? Because I have created an amazing life from being a “law of attraction” creator and still been sent to my knees more than once.  This even with my 40 plus years of training and life experience with my obsession for psychology, transformational, and spiritual study.  In fact, every time I have gone to expand there has been an eventual contraction … always! Even with all of the amazing stuff I have created and stuff I have manifested, I have hit walls.

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my work recently is the understanding that what I bring forth in another woman is her Fierce Authentic Alignment and you can’t be aligned without the embodiment of the awareness that there are cycles of life in our creatorship that need understanding and mastery – period.

May this year be the year where you get clear about your awakened yearnings while learning to sit in the stillness to surrender, receive, trust, expand in it long enough to glean the wisdom – that is true empowerment and that is the kind of “FIERCE AUTHENTIC ALIGNMENT” to your truth found in the YouAreGoddess Journey and that is what I wish for each one of us and yearn for us all to code in the greater collective!