WHAT – is your inspired day planner?

This is a simple way to manage your day with powerful intention, vision, mission and purpose while managing and fulfilling your responsibilities and outcomes. The document is in a pdf form so that you can print it out and fill it in by hand. Handwriting (pen to paper) connects different parts of your brain and sends powerful signals to the brain that what you are up to in the world is important to you!

WHY – create your day in a fierce inspired feminine way?

To live from a state of inspiration in a fierce feminine way is a choice and can be the foundation of living in alignment with the greatest expression of your beautiful S”elf. By a fierce feminine way, I am suggesting trusting yourself, your intuition and what you value as your guiding system for each day. By inspiration I am not suggesting functioning out of a state of hyperactivity or busyness. I am recommending creating inspiration in your day to keep you grounded and vital. A theological definition of inspiration is “a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul”. So in other words, creating a state of inspiration to live from daily will invite the messages from your true feminine self and your higher levels of consciousness (I call them the divine messages!). It is also more delicious to live from an inspired state then what can be a fatiguing “to do” state.

HOW – to complete?

Print out the document and do your best to fill it out in the early evening for the next day. Look at the day from the perspective of how will I design my life to create a state of inspiration for myself… AND yes we do have somewhat of a say in how are days go! By filling out most of your inspired day planner at night your brain can process the inspired plan while sleeping. The brain loves to solve problems and this gives the brain something to be busy with in REM. Save the first two rows (the inspiring words and inspired intention for the day rows) for first thing in the morning. Schedule in a 3-5 minute closed-eye intention practice* upon waking.

*Examples of meditation practice (but do your own process if you have one!)

1. When you wake up and open your eyes or your alarm goes off just sit up or stay lying down with an elongated spine.

2. Focus on your breath (equal inhalation to exhalation) and feel into a state of gratitude.

3. Choose something in your life or an area of your life where you experience a “feeling” of deep gratitude (for example with your children, your spouse, something in nature like a beautiful sunrise/sunset etc.). It’s the feeling generated from the state of gratitude that is important not what you choose!

4. Hang out in the gratitude and see if 3 inspiring words presence themselves for your day. Could be words like clarity, joy and productivity? Don’t worry if words don’t come to you naturally as you can just make them up!

5. Once you have the words, open your eyes and write them on your inspirational day dreamer that you left next to your bed the night before (make sure there is a pen there to!)

6. Write your words into an inspired intention in question format… For example, “how many ways today can I continue to create clarity, joy and productivity?” Always right the question in a positive format with the phrase “how many ways can I continue to create” preceding your inspiring words?

Inspire yourself into a life you love living!


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