It is not always convenient to do the work necessary to make the changes we need to make in our lives.  Personally, I never feel like doing the work necessary to grow and expand or to look at the tough things in myself but something much bigger than myself draws me towards the direction of inquiry and investigation – “the work”.  That’s why I am shouting on top of the mountain to create opportunities for growth before they show up to “grow us”.   One of my teachers (Ben Harvey) said something so brilliant in one of the courses I did with him… “First the universe throws us a feather, then a pebble, then a brick and if we still don’t get it, it throws us a fast moving car”.

Creating real change (which I call transformation) is not always something we think to schedule on our to do lists or in our calendars. Spending our money and/or our time in an immersion experience, course, working with a coach, therapist, counselor or meditating on a mountain top for deeper connection and insights are not always convenient.  BUT, I am here to tell you that that is how we access the possibilities for ourselves and for all of us as human beings.  Lean into the power of “inconvenience” as an opportunity for discovery and transform the world!

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