Inconvenience {+ a free gift}

Last week I shared a video from my Find Your Shine Online program to empower you to create your amazing year from your SOUL ALIGNED Dreams vs Mind PATTERNED Goal Setting. I’d love to hear how you have experienced tuning into and following your Divinely inspired dreams over the more masculine energy oriented goal setting process (creating your SMART Goals etc – that way can be so misaligned and so exhausting!!!). 

This week I’m sharing another video from the Find Your Shine program! It’s another component of what it takes to Wake Up to your Soul: Inconvenience. Basically, living on the Awakened Path is not always the first path you think of taking in the morning!

The definition of inconvenience in this context is pretty simple. Mostly, we need to be more conscious of who we really are, why we are really here and what we are really connected to, and this is not always “convenient” for us. It doesn’t necessarily fit the pictures that you were given as a child of what your life’s goal should be.

However, inconvenience is actually the access to creating the life you love. When you AWAKEN to the fact that you are a Divine Being who is connected to something so much greater (Universal Love – SOURCE – Divine Consciousness), life becomes an amusement park of options. You can choose from a plethora of rides in the park called Life!

To expand, be willing to lean into Inconvenience. It’s when the breakthroughs occur. When we engage in inconvenience, it’s where the growth edge is, and growth means energy, and energy means movement and expansion of Self.

How does inconvenience show up? Often it comes up as resistance or procrastination. It’s when you feel uncomfortable or when you want to run. It’s when you ‘don’t feel like it’, when you want to skip the activity you know will actually help you on your path. It’s that feeling of not wanting to do something. It’s not to be confused with emotions (e-motions=energy in motion), which are meant to be felt as the body sensations they are. The feelings I am referring to here are based in moods, and our moods can be like the weather as they come and go.

So what do we do? 

We need to build up our resilience. We need to develop the muscle, no matter what we’re feeling (or what our moods are), we need to choose the inconvenient things we need to do to move towards our dreams and intentions. 

For example, I exercise when I don’t want to. I’ve developed the muscle to do it even when I’m resistant. Because I want to be the most vibrant and healthy I can be at age 50! My awareness and deeply aligned intention helps me supersede my “I don’t want to.” I’ve built my resilience. I know my feelings (moods) are transient and I can do something even when I don’t FEEL like it; even when it’s inconvenient. 

Typically, we run from inconvenience because we don’t have the context of what it really is. It is just a feeling of resistance that can be overridden by strong aligned intention (of the Divine kind!). 

Part of the living the Awakened path means tuning into what lights you up the most. After all, what lights you up is where the energy is and energy is always sourced from your alignment. This gives your brain the reason to stay the course! When you know what your true dreams and intentions are, you yearn for them and the energy you get from them gives you your direction. No goals needed, just the true alignment that comes from being Awakened. 

So, notice the discomfort and inconvenience, and then go back to the Dreams and Intentions you wrote out last week. Move forward into inspired action shifting your state into one of inspiration and limitless possibility as you live aligned and awakened.

I am also gifting you the PlaySheet to do along with this module, as I do in the program. Download yours here to help you to feel into your inconvenience and help you shift into a feeling of aspiration, inspiration and possibility. 

Sending you love and light on your Awakened path, beautiful Angel!