“Working with Alexandra has been the biggest gift to my life. This was my first time working with a coach and this experience was beyond anything I could have dreamt of. Alexandra puts her heart and soul into the adventure and guides in the most authentically intuitive way. The space she holds for transformation is unlike anything I have ever experienced. From breaking down limiting beliefs to the point that I couldn’t even remember what they were, to reconstructing relationships to having a completely new perspective, understanding and LOVE for life. I feel more clarity than I have ever felt and I am a totally different person from when I embarked on this journey. Thank you Alexandra Joy Smith, I am forever grateful! <3”


Elisa V.

Co-Owner Securities Company - Gold Coast, Australia

Working closely with you, I was able to see where I was putting energy in my life which wasn’t congruent with my heart, I was wanting an intimate relationship with my husband but he wasn’t my priority. Even though my relationship isn’t at the level of intimacy that I would want yet, Michael and I are now at a place to being loving and thoughtful to each other, using kind words, having patience with each other. Establishing our friendship again will be the stepping stone back to intimacy. Something I have also realized I don’t speak to my friends about the frustrating and annoying Michael which I found myself confiding with my friends every time I was in their company.

The breakthrough work was a big ah ha moment, working on deep work with the effects of child hood feelings which are not happening now and don’t have a hold on my soul anymore. Working with meditation and slowing my mind and body down to feel into my inner goddess and sharing the meditation programs with me which was a real cap in my life.

With your encouraging words I was able to find my internal value, valuing myself highly gave me the strength to create boundaries with loved ones. I am worthy and loved. Believing in the oracle of love that I am allows me to love more.

The future is brighter, I am not 100% sure what my next adventure will be but I am open to saying yes to what comes my way.

Thank you for bringing the light, love, sisterly connection to me and my family. I was waiting for the hard love, but I received abundance of love and empathy. You have truly lifted me up and I will be forever grateful.

Allegra C.

Actress, Producer, Lifestyle Expert - NYC

Thank you for the opportunity, time, abundance, timing of life for the chance to work with the Queen herself, Alexandra JOY Smith. I am truly grateful. The experience has been epic, life transforming and I realize it is now the perfect time to run free with all the wise and timely inbodiments. 

I have transmuted, transcended and transformed in our journey together.  

I am NOW ENVISIONING a much bigger life.

 My life is now in honor of the divine feminine light source who yearns for our awakening and unfolding of our soul.

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TERRY P. Mompreneur - East Bay, San Francisco

I felt a shift and a sense of excitement the day I decided to begin my Quantum Breakthrough journey!  There was a “knowing” in my body that the timing was right to go deeper with myself in a different way than I had ever done before.  I left each of our sessions feeling a sense of peace that I am exactly where I am meant to be in this life, and that I always have been, no matter how confusing or painful a certain circumstance/chapter might be.  Although in some ways I’ve always had faith in this, I have a stronger sense than ever that everything truly is for my good and that each and every experience when looking back on it weaves together to make what I think of as the beautiful fabric of my life.  And along with this, I not only have such gratitude for every moment that brought me to where I am today, but I have a deep knowingness in my soul that the best of my life is not behind me and that AMAZING things are still ahead that I have the power to manifest.  I have been feeling very connected to the Divine, and noticing synchronicities and “signs” that show up in my life every day (from small things like messages and words in songs, or seeing heart shapes everywhere, to bigger things with unexpected conversations with friends and family).   

As far as “aha” moments, one of the most profound is truly getting how important it is to TRUST THE JOURNEY and all aspects of it.  To PAUSE instead of REACT when something happens that I perceive as being upsetting, hurtful, confusing, etc.  When I do that I know I’m keeping my power rather than giving it away.  

Jennifer Freidman

“Alexandra Joy is a magical human being who understands the divine female energy better than anyone I’ve come across. She is a combination of feminine (soft) yet fierce and can read into people. I loved her retreat so much and would 100% recommend her.”  

Abigail Sickinger

“The Cosmic Queen Retreat created a powerful container where I was able to identify where I am really healing right now ~ I uncovered the root of some of the sadness I had been experiencing. I felt able to be completely vulnerable, fully supported in my experience (including the most lush blankets of all time!), and seen by the cosmic queens around me. Alexandra is a powerful energy, and the way she approaches coaching is open-hearted & to-the-point. This is my style ~ I am not a fan of sugar-coating, but I am an extremely sensitive soul that needs there to be heart in every interaction. I was met with that & more. I sincerely look forward to working with Alexandra in the coming months”.

Niki Van Houten

“The Cosmic Queen Retreat was an amazing and beautiful event dedicated to my mind, body, and spirit. Yoga was a great way to get into my body before diving deep inward. The content and coaching by Alexandra was absolutely mind-blowing and I had a few breakthroughs that have made a huge difference in my life post-retreat. This event made me realize that a majority of the personal development resources out today won't make a difference if I don't heal and reflect on the traumas that I repressed for so long. I felt more loved and in control of my mind than I ever have before. I recommend this retreat to anyone that is looking for a major shift in their life right now! When women support each other, incredible thing happen.”

After decades of therapy, years of 12 step programs, mediation retreats, church attendance, and use of "self help" books in the past, I have finally been able to clear decades of pain in my soul. Alexandra's approach was very perceptive, gentle, and affirming and the results have been incredible! While she has extensive training and experience, her true gifts are her intuition and her connection to the Divine.

The transformation I have created in my life comes from developing the connection the Divine, feminine, powerful essence that has been buried within me.

There are not words to describe the process adequately. Terms such as life coaching, therapy, psychic and physical healing and psycho education are all components of the relationship with Alexandra. However the extraordinary shift in consciousness comes from her unique ability to guide one to life that is filled with intentionality and in alignment with true identity and purpose. The time spent with Alexandra is an intersection of cerebral, clinically based processes and her ethereal, incorporeal healing gifts that provides transcendental, lasting metamorphosis.

I feel blessed to have found this gifted, beautiful, joy filled woman to help guide me in this journey!