i am because you are

​I recently had the absolute privilege to spend some time in Africa – and it was truly a trip of a lifetime. My husband was born (in a monastery!) in Tanzania in the late 1950’s. His English parents had relocated for work as civil engineers. It was particularly special to be by his side to witness him reconnect to a key part of his past.

The biggest takeaway was how many souls live on the beautiful continent of Africa. Many places we visited, like the townships in Cape Town as well as some of the villages in Zimbabwe, do not have nearly the amount of “stuff” or even access to “stuff” we have in the West. I was consistently struck by, even without the “stuff”, how much they truly have. Most of the people whose paths I crossed had seemingly encountered challenges in both their country and personal environments, yet literally SHINE from the inside out. They have light radiating out of their eyes and are fully present, awake, vital and full of love! I was struck by the contrast of how much we have in the West, yet ultimately, when it comes to true fulfillment, we have so little when compared to the joy that I experienced in Africa.

A term I learned on this trip, which was the philosophy by which Nelson Mandela led South Africa, is UBUNTU. The meaning literally brought me to tears; it translates to: “I am because you are” (also interchangeable with “I am because we are”). The term embodies the belief that a universal bond of sharing is what connects all of humanity. What shows up inside of that connection is organic helpfulness, kindness, sharing, community, trust and a feeling of being part of a whole – basically, it summarizes everything that’s great about being human!

I am in complete wonderment that sometimes it takes travelling halfway around the world to continue to ascend the staircase of awakening and opening oneself to greater understanding. I certainly feel so blessed to be living my Divine Assignment – to empower women like Beautiful YOU to discover yours. After 30 years of training and leading in each the human development, spirituality, and transformation spaces, I can say with total certainty that we all have a Divine Assignment – and when I work with spiritually curious women it gets both discovered and then empowered. Together, we break open the “soul’s code” to unearth the Divine Assignment (just like a zip file!).

The Divine Assignment is not always what we think it is – which is nothing short of fascinating! In fact, much of what we want comes from our identities, and ultimately has nothing to do with why we’re really here in this lifetime. We may think it’s about getting the guy, the job, the house, the success (which, from a human experience perspective is important – because “getting the stuff” is part of our human journey and experience) – YET somewhere we know that after climbing the mountain of “getting the stuff” there is the next level of ultimate fulfillment. That is, to fulfill on the soul’s Divine Assignment. If that weren’t the case, then every successful celebrity who has taken their own life (when from the outside it looked they had everything), wouldn’t have been so full of internal turmoil!

…So it is in the UBUNTU spirit that I am continuing to expand in my own Soul growth and development. It is the same spirit that I stand for for each one of us to be on the journey of discovering and living our Divine Assignments!