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You Are Goddess

For Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Mystics, Angels, Goddesses, Priestesses, Enchantresses, Oracles, Luminaries, Sacred Journey Women who are ready to be sourced by full Sacred Feminine Embodiment in all aspects of their lives.

Ignite & Embody Your True Gifts, Intuition, and Magic by stepping into the Sacred Feminine Guide you are!

Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading

An Intuitive Soul Guiding Reading that will raise your frequency and connect you with the mystical Goddess realm. If you’re seeking your Soul's Truth and want to experience a taste of my work in the Quantum, this session is for you.

You Are Goddess Training & Certification

The Sacred Feminine Guiding Institute Training and Certification to become a certified Sacred Feminine Guide. Ignite & Embody Your True Gifts, Intuition, and Magic by stepping into the Sacred Feminine Guide you are!

Live Your Myth VIP Program

If you’re truly serious about waking the f**k up to who you REALLY are and truly want to live your life aligned to your Soul’s path, then find out more about my Live Your Myth VIP Invitation Only program. 

Quantum Breakthrough Session

A QBS literally changes your brain and allows you to create your dream life from a clean slate. We use Mental Emotional Release Therapy to release old patterns, limiting beliefs and negative emotions to create the abundance, love, prosperity & health you yearn to attract into your life.

Find Your Shine Online Program

Are you exhausted from whatever exhausts you? Do you truly want a makeover and roadmap for a body you love, a mind you tame, and a soul you live from (with fearless truth)? This 8-week online program is for you if you are interested in a no-joke fast track to empowered living!

Simply Being Meditation Series

A deliciously and divinely inspired set of guided meditations designed using my training in Transcendental Meditation, Vortex Healing, mindfulness and creative visualization processes, in concert with powerful breathing techniques.


Here's what some beautiful Goddesses (just like YOU!) have shared about their journey into the Realm of Sacred Feminine embodiment:

In a very short period, what you were able to do is help me bring to the surface a lot of stuff that I didn't even know was going on... the clarity and just how beautifully everything just kind of flows so much better now... I went from, 'Oh my gosh, why did I do this' to 'Why didn't I do this sooner.'"

Tricia T Florida

"Every single aspect of my life has dramatically changed and definitely for the better... I feel that I've been able to create so many more results by doing so much less... I'm a raving fan, to say the least... without you and your support I honestly don't know where I'd be, so thank you."

Britt Leigh B - San Francisco

"I no longer feel the need to prove anything to anybody and I know what it truly means to be aligned within myself... I could not be more grateful to be connected to Alexandra... really the most fulfilling months of my life. So thanks to Alexandra and so much love for anyone connected to her."

Garrett W - New Hampshire

"I could have never imagined that six months ago I would be here as the person that I am today, and I really owe it to Alexandra... I'm really grateful for knowing Alexandra having the opportunity of being guided by her. It has been the best investment I've ever made."

Ilana K East Bay, CA

"Nothing has hit me the way that Alexandra's work has done... and working with her has absolutely changed my life... The way she has guided me has really helped me choose things for myself and not just step back and let someone else do it for me. So I'm thankful!"

Chelsea M - Boston

"I was so moved by the potential that I have for my life and for the vision that Alexandra helped me create... I experienced remarkable results... It was a really powerful experience and continues to be because Alexandra has given me lots of resources for support. I'm really grateful."

Julie D - East Bay, CA

Hi, I'm Alexandra Joy Smith

I’m a Soul-Sparking Speaker, Celebrated Author, Sacred Feminine Intuitive Soul Guide, Divine Light Channel, and Midwife for your Soul. I have a burning desire for you to awaken to your Soul’s truth and own your destiny, so that you are vibrating at the highest frequency possible and truly being “the light”.

Because sister, when you solve the problem of your Soul – which is to find and live your unique destiny on this planet – then energy releases, suffering ends, and you are set free to design a life you adore, with the divine at its center.

That thirst-quenching relationship, that flourishing career, that vibrant healthy body, or that higher purpose you’ve been searching for? I empower you to open your heart and awaken to your Soul so that you can manifest the life you have been yearning for – because when you make love to life with the truth, life will make love to you!

My Work

There is a majesty to living that is not found in the mind, but in the heart. Getting out of your mind and into your heart, so you can hear the whispers of your Soul, will catapult you into experiencing the wholeness of existence – while still having heartfelt appreciation for the perfection of your journey until now.

I work with you to erase any limiting filters and beliefs found within your subconscious so you can see yourself through the eyes of the Divine, start trusting your intuition, and start making love to your life!!

A word of warning, beautiful – getting to your Soul’s truth in all of its glory requires being deeply (sometimes uncomfortably) honest and authentic with yourself.

Together we will journey into the portal of you owning your Soul’s truth – a truth that when embodied, leaves life showering you with magic and miracles as acknowledgement and appreciation for your courage.

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