Goddess Guiding: Wednesday Wisdom


What if the greatest currency you have is the truth?

What if that truth was that you came to contribute YOU as a sacred offering?

What if actually “being the offering of that truth” was the point of it all?

We all live so in our heads and have the point of living so upside down… that is why there is so much suffering.

AND for sure we haven’t gotten and are not living from the truth!

We are taught to get the goods— the good grades, the good resume, the good job… so that you can get all of the stuff that money should be able to get you. We are led like robots to think that way of living will make us happy and bestow upon us a sense of freedom.

We are taught that we are separate from each other and that winning in this life is about looking out for our survival which is the Darwinian model of the world (survival of the fittest).

Look- I get it- I have lived it.

I love my life and all of the beautiful stuff in it. I have lived in the upside down model and have somewhat won that game by trying to thrive inside of it. But, I have suffered. Suffered in my relationships, my body, in my profession, in the area of abundance, and in the area of truly living that I am connected to all things and every one and part of a greater collective — therefore have social responsibility and accountability.

I still suffer at times when I am in the old model , the illusion that if I get what I think I want, I will be happy and free.

It is the old model of existence and it is corrupt.

If anything this time in history has taught us is that!

It is the formula for more suffering.

And it is also not about giving up all of your worldly goods and/or worldly pursuits to prove that you are not playing within the game- the polarity of “not having” and moving to the mountain top to prove that is just a reaction to the game.

Living on the mountain top with nothing doesn’t necessarily prove anything or provide you with joy or freedom either. Polarity or the opposite of anything is its own trap.

The game to play which actually is no game at all is the one of seeking truth through your own awakening and awareness of it.

How awake and aware you are can become what you put your precious life force towards.

This is when you get that you are the breath in a body breathing life into the life you co-create.

Look, we are creators. Co-creators within the matrix and the keycode to our creative force being activated is to get at the level of your cells that we are all the infinite field of possibilities which exist with 7.8 billion other infinite fields of possibility.

The field is actually ALL ONE- that is what Unity really means!

The truth is that you are a Creator and you can and you do make it all up!

Yet without the awakening and awareness that make you the highly accountable creative force you are… you will get stuck in the maze.

The maze is the matrix of existence.

In the maze you are living a life dedicated to getting and doing rather than being.

Living a life run by fear not Love.

Living a life of victimhood rather than Creatorship.

Living a life of wanting not having.

Living a life of circumstance rather than BEING “ALL IN” THE DANCE that the true gift of life is —

Heaven is here.
Heaven in on earth.
In every sunrise and sunset, in every rainbow and sculpture, in every morning and evening.
You are a Creator in the Heaven that earth is.
You and it always have been the most sacred of offerings.
We are all part of one connected collective, expansive & precious evolutionary impulse.
When you awaken and live life on a path of awareness…
You will be set free and be led by that precious life force- the evolutionary impulse.
And your life becomes the sacred offering that it is.

And so it is… And so it is!

with love & grace-

alexandra joy

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