You might do yoga, be “mindful”, read the most current transformational books, drink green juices and even meditate but you still can be left asking… the BIG questions…

  • What is my divine purpose in life?
  • What is my WHY?
  • Why am I happy only half of the time?
  • Why do I sense there is more for me in this lifetime?

OR even the more day to day questions like…

  • Why don’t I exercise more?
  • Why am I so tired all of the time?
  • Why don’t I schedule more time for “me”?
  • Why do I stay in a job that is unfulfilling and does not fill me up with joy?
  • Why do my kids drive me crazy sometimes and I feel guilty about it?


New dates to be announced!

Living on Purpose from our highest values gives us our energy, our vitality and a true connection and alignment to others and ourselves. We do not need to be motivated by some imposed goals (New Year’s resolutions) into living a life we love, instead we need to get clear about our Purpose and our deepest and most authentic values. Our Purpose and Values are as unique to us as our DNA. When we get clear about them, our life can ‘sing’. Isn’t it time to be clear about what really matters to you?

In this Connect to Your Purpose Workshop, you will be distinguishing all of the aspects of Core Values from why getting clear about them is vital to our daily living to how they relate to our WHY’s, our relationships, our past, and our created futures on the planet.

Bottom line is that our Core Values are the guiding principles that create our lives. Finding Your Highest Purpose is an inside-out game! If you are somewhat unclear about your values, you can be unclear about what inspired actions to take next and be left potentially confused, frustrated and/or disempowered.

In this workshop –

  • You will get in touch with what you long for in life – fulfilling on your dreams.
  • You will be taken through the 13-step Dr. John Demartini Vales Determination Process, which promises to create clarity and certainty around your top 3 values and highest purpose.
  • You will discover how to create ease in your day-to-day life by linking your values to the things you say you don’t like to do and have to get done.
  • You will then learn how to link what is important to YOU to what is important to the people you love in your life.
  • You will discover for yourself where your values where sourced from as we are a product of everything we have experienced in our lives and those experiences drive our values and purposes.
  • You will learn that gratitude and appreciation can create states of joy and fulfilment and generate energy and vitality like nothing else in our lives. You will leave the course with your own daily rituals and practises that generate gratitude and appreciation in your life.

Are you ready to walk into your future with purpose?Sonnenuntergang

New dates to be announced!