Find Your Shine


For the Woman who yearns to be

Fierce, Fearless and Free!

This is a transformational journey that gets you out of your head, into your heart, so you can live from you Soul.

You will transform the hard wiring in your brain that has created your life and when you transform your patterns in your hard wiring, you transform your energy.

With a new level of energy you can harness the power of you Soul through meeting and aligning to the Divine.

Brave Sister, everything you yearn and long for is within you and is just waiting to be stirred, revealed and freed.

Your Soul’s expression is as unique as your DNA and the Divine yearns for you to express your unique being.

Sing, dance and thrive living connected to the fire of your Soul’s truth once and for all.

Warning Lovely!

This is not a program designed to get you more stuff… (there are many programs out there that can help you do that, I’ve done them all and the stuff we get in our lives is nice but never, ever fills our true heart’s longing!).

This journey is for you if you:

  • Connector.

    are a truth seeker

  • Connector.

    are ready to BE THE Light

  • Connector.

    yearn to ALIGN to the Divine and activate your soul’s truth

  • Connector.

    want to blow out all of your old patterns and filters that have stopped you

  • Connector.

    want to experience that which is sacred in your heart

  • Connector.

    know you have been lying to the world about who you really are and what you really want

  • Connector.

    can’t afford to wait a second longer to live an aligned life

  • Connector.

    are ready to give up who you have known yourself to be for who you really are

  • Connector.

    truly desire to leave your electro-magnetic signature on the world

You have come to the right place!

You will find your shine and your shine will light up the world in this transformation program! I promise!

Beautiful…the world needs

  • Your unique contribution
  • Your gorgeous gifts
  • Your voice to be heard
  • For you to shine from your heart and soul
  • For you to stop to own all of who you are
  • For you to stop fearing and start loving

  • For you to stop apologizing and to speak your truth
  • For you to live aligned to your Soul
  • For you to live an energy rich life
  • For you to manifest your heart’s desire
  • For you to live at a high energetic frequency

“I just wanted to tell you how awesome this program has been for me!!! I have really started to see results in my life and breakthroughs are happening almost every day!!! I have really started to take control of my thoughts and more magical things are happening to me every day! I’ve also really enjoyed the one on one sessions, you really take your time to feel into me and what I really need and I always feel so powerful after I have a session with you! I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling being in their power about their work or what they want in life, because this program has really changed my life and I am more confident and powerful and certain on what I want and what to do with my life!!! Thank you so much!”Liz G

Let me ask you now:

  • Connector.

    Are you truly done with being confused, uncertain and being run by other’s people’s goals and visions for you and themselves?

  • Connector.

    Do you seem to recreate the same issues over and over again expecting that they should go away one day?

  • Connector.

    Do you yearn to get out of your head so you can live in your heart and listen to the whispers of your sacred soul?

  • Connector.

    Do you ache for deep love, deep truth and want to impact this world?

  • Connector.

    Do you have any idea what your divine assignment is in your gorgeous life (your divinely inspired purpose)?

find your divine purpose

Sister, the world needs for you to make love to it, so it can make love to you!

When you are aligned to the Divine through your living your purpose, your life will never be the same!

In the Find Your Shine Program you will receive:

alexandra joy smith
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    Private one-on-one sessions with me throughout the program (over 30 hours +!)

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    Live Group Energy Shifting sessions – all recorded and available to re-listen

  • Connector.

    Transformational & Spiritual Online Lessons (over 50 hours) + Bonuses

  • Connector.

    A private Facebook Group for extra support

  • Connector.

    Quantum healing & energy shifting work by Alexandra while she holds powerful space for you in the quantum field!

  • Connector.

    Discounts on all Cosmic Queen Retreats and virtual programs


Your life is Yours to live joyously… stop waiting to live a life you love! The Find Your Shine VIP Program is for YOU – to get clear about and connected to your divinely inspired purpose! When you are connected to your divinely inspired PURPOSE, your life just works! The transformation program is designed to connect you to YOUR purpose.
FYS is for women who are ready to stop squashing what they really desire in life. It’s for women who feel like they are simply living life with no real fulfillment who feel like they are wasting their precious lives. It’s for women who want to experience joy and start rocking their purpose – NOW.
YES – If you bring strong intentionality to the process, you will get the kind of clarity that will leave you absolutely shining!
The total cost for the 6 month VIP program will be provided during your complimentary Call with Alexandra. Generous discounts are available for fast action takers committed to rocking their purpose! Payment plans are also available.
To sign up for the Find Your Shine program or to find out more information, book your complimentary BE THE LIGHT Call with Alexandra here>>
Once you’ve registered for the program, you’ll receive an email from us with all the details you need to login and access the online material. You will complete the Plant (prep) work first and access to the remaining content will be rolled out 2 weeks later. Full details of the live group calls, private coaching sessions and the Facebook group will also be sent to you upon registration.
Absolutely! There will be a private Facebook group where you can comment and interact with other participants and Alexandra, for inspired shares and accountability!
Our program memberships are designed solely for your own personal use. We want to create a safe space where you can freely comment on the content, your own journey and interact with the other women in the course. To ensure everyone feels comfortable to do so we need a commitment from all the participants to not share the content with anyone who has not signed up.
Alexandra will host the group Energy Shifting calls and be present in the Facebook group regularly. With the VIP Program you will also have private guiding sessions with Alexandra and email access to her during office hours (PST).



Shining Reviews

“Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You are such an inspiration to those around you and you are making a huge impact on people’s lives even when you aren’t aware you are doing it. You are all love and light and you are a remarkable human being. You are loved always and forever. Thank you for being you.”

This program came at a turning point for me, a time when I knew something had to change in my life. The clarity I’ve received throughout this program has been life changing and makes me feel like I’ve been walking through life with blinders on until now! I can’t thank Alexandra and this program enough for the continuous support and guidance and look forward to this ever growing journey of discovery.” – Brittany M

Alexandra Joy Smith is the Founder of the Find Your Shine Programs and Cosmic Queen Events and Retreats.  She is a truth seeker and a truth sayer. She knows what it is like to manifest millions, find your soul mate, live life aligned to a purpose – all from listening to the whispers of her Soul. Mostly, she has a burning desire for you to awaken to your Soul’s truth and own your destiny so that you are vibrating at the highest frequency possible and truly being “light”.