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Finding your shine is about discovering who you really are from a divinely inspired purpose so you can be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have in your life.

pink Are you a passionate woman wanting the most out of your life?

pink Do you want to rock the world with who you are but can’t quite find YOUR unique Purpose to do that with yet?

pink Are you happy but not necessarily fulfilled at the depth of your Soul and full of joy?

If you…

  • Forget who you really are
  • Want to prioritize your passions over everyone else’s demands on you
  • Have Fear of stepping up and really showing up as the Beautiful You that you are
  • Want more energy, vitality and what to shine with your own beauty
  • Do not know the right steps to take and/or what direction to go in towards connecting and living from your purpose
  • Are on a spiritual path but still ask yourself if you are contributing who you really are at the highest level

Do you dream of…

  • Surrounding yourself with soulful women who are aligned to their purposes
  • Being fully inspired, aligned and present to what is right in front of you
  • Being able to hear your own inner voice, trusting your intuition at all times and be able to make choices from that place
  • Feeling truly connected to yourself and your life

You have come to the right place!

You will find your shine and your shine will light up the world in this transformation program! I promise!

I am Alexandra Joy Smith and I certainly know how it feels to be disconnected from and not living in alignment to a divinely inspired purpose in life.

That was me for a few years! In fact, I discovered that my ‘to do ‘ list had more power over me then my “to be” list! As a Mother, Wife who was long time fitness professional, I became frustrated after having children because I did not know how to handle it all and I became a “doing” machine.

I got caught up in trying to be the best Mother, best Wife, best part time fitness pro, but lost my connection to myself and my divinely inspired purpose.

We all get caught up in our “to-do’ lists, and think there is no time for really doing what we love in our lives right? Wrong!

I learned that life is magical when you discover and connect to your divinely inspired purpose and now I have designed a powerful course to connect you to yours.

You deserve to live your destiny…

alexandra joy coach

“I just wanted to tell you how awesome this program has been for me!!! I have really started to see results in my life and breakthroughs are happening almost every day!!! I have really started to take control of my thoughts and more magical things are happening to me every day! I’ve also really enjoyed the one on one sessions, you really take your time to feel into me and what I really need and I always feel so powerful after I have a session with you! I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling being in their power about their work or what they want in life, because this program has really changed my life and I am more confident and powerful and certain on what I want and what to do with my life!!! Thank you so much!”
– Liz G

find your divine purpose

This course is for YOU if:

purple You are squashing what you really desire in your life.

purple Just experiencing going from one thing to another in your life with no real joy or fulfillment.

purple Feeling like you might be wasting your precious life and your precious time.

purple You sometimes think that being full of joy is never going to happen for me.

Your life is Yours to live joyously… stop waiting live a life you love! It’s not about buying the next house, getting the next job, taking that vacation, finding the right guy or buying the handbag or pair of fabulous shoes! It’s about getting clear about and connected to your divinely inspired purpose! When you are connected to your divinely inspired PURPOSE, your life just works!

alexandra joy smith

In the Find Your Shine Program you will receive:

peach 90 Days participation inside the Find Your Shine Group Program

peach 6 Group Coaching sessions – all recorded and available to re-listen

peach 2 Group Calls – to activate and celebrate your commitment to the program

peach 2 Find Your Shine Labs (Virtual Workshops)

peach 8 weeks of Transformational & Spiritual Online Lessons (over 50 hours)

peach Email access to Alexandra (during office hours)

peach A private Facebook Group for additional support

The Program is made up of Six Pillars that connect you
to your divinely inspired purpose:



shining reviews

This program came at a turning point for me, a time when I knew something had to change in my life. The clarity I’ve received throughout this program has been life changing and makes me feel like I’ve been walking through life with blinders on until now! I can’t thank Alexandra and this program enough for the continuous support and guidance and look forward to this ever growing journey of discovery.” – Brittany M

“Thank you for sharing your story with the world. You are such an inspiration to those around you and you are making a huge impact on people’s lives even when you aren’t aware you are doing it. You are all love and light and you are a remarkable human being. You are loved always and forever. Thank you for being you.”

Alexandra Joy Smith is the creator of the Intuitive Results Coaching System & Programs. She has spent her life on a quest for discovering how ordinary living transforms into extraordinary when you “do the work”.

Alexandra is committed to women living their lives connected to their divinely inspired purposes. She brings over 15 years of experience (and certifications) working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry and a BA in Psychology and a Life Coaching Certification to her Intuitive Results Coaching System. She is a catalyst for huge breakthroughs to occur in her clients lives that result in creating powerful and magnificent changes in people’s lives!