Fall in Love with Life

This is an invitation and invocation of sorts for YOU!

So, first let me say that I am a soul seer, truth seeker and sayer.

My heart’s yearning is to connect with life, and others, at the deepest soul level.

I see Soul’s of others first (not the personalities protecting them).

My mind also gets in my way and tries to protect me because I can feel others so deeply and I am so fearful of being told I am a fool and being hurt for this level of awareness and empathetic gift.

I have been plagued with anxiety and fear often in my life. An anxiety and fear that comes from feeling things in the space and in other’s souls before they can.

The fear of being misunderstood, not “gotten”, and/or received in the way that my soul intends with its hypersensitivity for not knowing how to function in a world that does not honor “feeling and seeing.”

It has taken me years to own that my journey to my REAL SELF and my work in the world is to live SO open-heartedly that others around me, particularly women, just can’t help but be and do the same.

This takes dissolving my own fears and meeting my own demons and insecurities as an empath.

The primary fear for us all, which I discovered by going through the eye of the needle of the fear in my 30 year journey, is not that we are horrible and suck, but that we are “powerful beyond measure… it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.” (Marianne WIlliamson).

I have discovered for myself, and for others, that we all are petrified of connecting to ourselves, to others and to the wonder of life deeply.

The journey to our true selves, to our Soul, is a journey for the courageous who are willing to step into the unknown.

We have this weird, yet so common, fear that if we were to discover who we really are and be seen for it, then we would not get the love we so desperately yearn for.

Not to mention, the intense fear of connecting to others from a raw, real, open heart that just admits she wants to give and be loved.

It always feels so risky (when we are in our heads) as there are so many people in our lives that are still coming from their minds, stuck in the protection of their hearts.

The Cosmic Joke is that we think we can protect our hearts by continuing to live in our heads. But this hurts our hearts more.

Let’s get smarter, do more, find success …blah blah blah…and then we will be happy… it never works! Does it?

So many of us can’t even look each other in the eye for more than 3 seconds.

We are more focused on our “goals” than we are on feeling deeply connected.

Without that connection, we are lonely no matter who we have around or what we have.

We are fearful 4 year olds living in big girl dresses and big boy suits.

Yet, all we need to get is that we all have a habit of protection, developed from 0-6 years of age. This habit of protection is what we call our personality.

A personality developed to protect us. A smaller self who is convinced that getting more stuff will make us happy.


Good luck with that, and working with Coaches or Mentors who give you 7 steps, 3 strategies or 5 tips to get to happiness through reaching your goals… if you haven’t done the deeper work first.

It’s pretty darn simple, we were once (0-6 years) very, very hurt and never ever want to be hurt like that again. So we cover it up – develop a false self as a protector.

But your beautiful personality (some call her your ego) is not an enemy to get rid of, she is a friend who has helped you make it until now. She is not to be run from. Whenever you try to kill the ego/personality, it can get even stronger…aka whatever you resist, persists!

I have had to kiss my personality in the face and thank her, and I invite you to do the same…Yes right now! Say thank you out loud to her (your personality) for all she has done for you until now.

This is a necessary part of the process of returning to your heart.

I have been on the Soul Warrior Journey back to my heart for a very, very long time.

This journey has been about discovering all of who I am – a soul seer, truth seeker, truth sayer, who includes a little girl who is scared as hell and a cranky b*tch who can judge and lose her patience!

And owning ALL of my perfectly imperfect whole Self has been the trek.

A Sooth sayer once said “is the longest journey you will take.”

Are ready to journey with me back to your heart?

Then take the ride of your lifetime, the only one worth taking…Discover more about how you can live with an open heart.

But first, know what I am not.

I am not an Instagram Coach who has earned the self proclaimed title from getting fit and healthy, or worked with a Coach and thought it would be a way to create a career on my terms at this stage of my life.

Again, I am not a Coach who will give you 10 tips for this, 7 strategies for that or 5 steps to this. I am not a Life Coach, as Life Coaching has now become “a thing”.

Who am I then?

I am a Soul Guide. I see the truth of who YOU really are.

I see the true beauty and wonder of each unique Soul that I am lucky enough to encounter.

I am a relentless stand for our Souls to do the leading, and for the human part of us to do the allowing.

When my Soul crosses another woman’s path, and we “drop into” knowing, it is deep and profound.

My clients are part of my field and who they are and what their Soul’s yearn for become part of who I am.

I have made my own contract with the Divine to be here now so that I can guide women to meet and live from her unique Soul’s essence. And when she does, she creates the opening to live connected to the Divine in such a powerful way that her heart swells daily with appreciation.

You might ask what is the pathway to this kind of deliciously divine living? The pathway begins (or road less traveled) when you say YES to the work. The work that it takes discover who you really are by getting out of your head into your heart so that your Soul becomes your guide. Some call this intuition, but I call it Soul Transmission and Alignment.

When you trust and live from that beautiful heart of yours, you can finally listen to the whispers of your Soul’s yearnings.…and when you do, you can connect to the Divine (the Unified Field aka the Infinite Field of Possibilities) in a way you will never feel or experience by climbing towards your goals, or clawing your way to feeling successful.

It’s never ever about focusing on success, wellness, fitness, partnership, or getting more stuff. It’s about how open your heart is.

The heart field emits an energy around it that extends more the 6 feet. The field around your head emits energy about 6 inches.

We are all made up of light. And light is Energy and all Energy emits a frequency and the only pathway to true fulfilment is to fall in Love with the journey towards becoming more Conscious of Consciousness itself. It’s like tuning into the right radio frequency (station) for YOU!

Our Soul’s are the brain children of higher consciousness, and loving the journey to consciousness is how we fall in love with life.

Guiding women to make love to their lives by BEING THE LIGHT!