Dreams Vs Goals {+free gift}

I hope you have flowed into 2020 with strong intention. Mine is to find the beauty, the magic and the wonder in the ordinary. I would love to hear yours, just hit reply and let me know.

I recently shared the first blog in a series of four about the 4 Stages of Living the Awakened Path. This first stage I call Waking Up, which whilst it can be uncomfortable, it is also illuminating, magical and a necessary part of the Divine Warrior’s path.

To support you on your path to Awakening and Waking Up specifically, I want to share a video from my Find Your Shine Online program. In it, I guide you on creating your year from your Dreams vs Goal Setting.

I believe that Goals are created from our heads, rooted in our conditioned patterning, while dreams are created more from our hearts, which is where the juice (life energy) is.

Goal setting tends to be more about DOING. They can keep us on a hamster wheel that never stops and often we never reach them. Even when we do, there can be a lack of total fulfillment. Creating Intentions from our Dreams is more about BEING. Intention setting is centred around how we want to BE, how we want to feel and experience ourselves in the world.

Transcending dreams into intention setting is where you take your dreams and mix them with some inspired action! Basically, follow where you have the most energy, which is always about tuning into what lights you up the most.

I am also gifting you the PlaySheet to do along with this module, as I do in the program. You’ll hear me talk about it in the video as your homeplay (not homework!) and you can use this PlaySheet to complete it.

Enjoy the video as you follow your dreams in 2020!