the divine is truly divine

Let me ask you something – ​What is your relationship with the Divine? Do you have ​one?

And by the Divine, I mean any of the following: Higher Power, Source, the Universe, God, Her, She, Him, a Unified Field of Love, Higher Consciousness. I mean whatever you refer to as ‘something higher’​ in a way that works for you​.

To me, a relationship with the Divine is ​everything. Why?

Well, ​I learned that I had virtually no (or a convenient only when needed) relationship with HER (the Divine) the hard way. I had my own experience after doing a lot (and I mean a lot!) of transformational and spiritual work over a 30+ year period (1 million invested in my growth and training). I “goal setted”, created big visions, found my WHY, did every workshop and certification, read every self-help book there was (and still do!) and actually did manifest my Soulmate, millions of dollars, a luxury filled life (with cars, homes, jimmy choo’s etc) yet at some point I still hit a sea of challenges that left me on my knees asking “what the heck had I done all of this work for”?

I hit a wall of so much pain… I literally thought I couldn’t handle it. I was watching my marriage crumble before my very eyes. Yet, on the outside it looked like I had everything a girl could want. Ironically, I was coaching women to be all of who they were meant to be a well.! But I had missed the crucial piece as most of the newbie Coaches these days do (and warning to you Gorgeous… there are new Coaches coming “online” every day promising to help you get happier, rich, healthier, fitter when they have virtually no training or certification and are leading you into the self-help tunnel with no true fulfillment at the end of the journey!!)

Anyway, ​I can remember getting to the point in my journey that after ALL I had done, learned and grown from all I could do was pray. And I am not religious. I am spiritual. But seriously that was all I had as option B because option A (my #dreamlife was apparently what I had created) wasn’t fulfilling me at all. I was empty inside.

Truly, the only thing I could do was listen to the “words of wisdom… and let it be, let it be” (as the Beatles say in their famous song). It wasn’t until I let go and started connecting to something higher that I started to feel somewhat hole again. Walking around feeling like I was shattered glass finally started to dissipate the more I prayed and meditated and gave it all over to the Divine (HER- a unified field).

I invite you not to wait until a “dark night of your soul” to experience your own connection to the Divine. I promise can you that once you experience it, you can have access to the infinite world of possibilities which shifts you from someone who things getting stuff to will make you ultimately happy (a frustrated goal setter who keeps working hard to in the maze of getting) to a Magical Miracle Manifestor. A connected Soul who let’s go and surrender to a higher source. You truly move from struggle to being in a flow.

​A Magical Miracle Manifestor is someone who can yearn for something in their life, really align to it and then attract it – not just because they’re ‘little engines that could’, not because they force it through blood, sweat and tears, but because they’re aligned to their internal feelings of really wanting to bring something forth. They are yearning for something that’s good for all – for the community, for everyone around them, for them and for the world at large. It’s not just another object or ‘thing’ to have in their life, but it’s also good for their personal fulfilment.

If you’ve ever questioned if there is a higher power working in this world, look at the intricacies and details of nature.

I know when I get really present to things in nature – a willow tree or a rose for example – I also get really present to the wonder and majesty of life. It’s at these times that I know there is something higher working.

Have you ever had a child? When I had my first child, that was also a moment with the Divine, where I knew there has to be something higher working. It wasn’t my head connecting to the experience, it was my soul and my heart. The feelings of unity I felt when I first held my child were feelings of love and connection. I didn’t have a plan or a to-do list for creating this tiny Being; this Being was created in me, through me and within me – and in alignment to, and in partnership with, the Divine.

Ask yourself, have you ever fallen in love? Have you noticed that when you fall in love, you stop thinking about yourself. Even if you have bills to pay, or someone is rude to you in Starbucks, everything still feels great. Whatever was a problem in your life isn’t a problem when you’re falling in love because through that state of love you are connected – not just to that person, but to love as well. You fall in love with love.

Have you ever had a moment so full of in-explainable synchronicity ,where perhaps you think about someone and they literally show up right in front of you?

Or have you ever said a prayer, maybe as a last resort, and you look up to the sky and feel a presence or connection that can’t be explained?

All of these moments point to something higher working. It’s a higher power that made the rose, or the willow tree or the baby inside of me.

We are all made up from that Divine Higher Power so when we connect to it, we plug ourselves back into an energy source that’s so much greater than us. There’s a greater source at work. In quantum mechanics, this higher source or energy field is also is also referred to as the Unified Field. It’s a field based in energy which all matter comes from.

I invite you to explore what your relationship is with something higher, or the Divine. Find a lovely quiet space and write out moments in your life where you could feel the presence of a higher source, or moments that brought forth trust in you that you might not normally have had.

Once you’ve done that, really let that in. Let in the quality of that relationship and what it feels like to you.

What did those moments feel like to you?

Remember, it’s not in our heads. It’s in our feelings, and in our bodies – that’s where we experience love. Once you have the feeling, know that that’s the Divine speaking to you. It feels totally delicious to be in that realm of connection.

One can say it is like being “in love” with the whole Universe and when you are in love you love yourself wholly and completely. It’s true freedom and bliss!