Dear Body

I have been living in Europe for weeks now with my family. I replace the word “traveling” with “living” as I want travel to truly be about immersing myself (therefore living) in every environment and every moment that I am blessed enough to experience. In this space of “living”, I have had so many insights including a major one about the gifts our vessels of consciousness (our bodies) are!
I wrote an intimate letter to my body and invite all of you to do the same. It was absolutely healing and beautiful to take the time out to just BE in acknowledgement and appreciation of one of the biggest gifts that the Divine has given us – our bodies to live this life in!

Dear Body,

Thank you for being the holder and keeper of my consciousness in this life.

You have served as a haven for a very busy mind and a very achy soul. A busy mind that has searched for freedom from itself and a soul that has longed for more connection to the wonder moment to moment.

I have not always treated you with love and respect. I’ve judged you, shamed you, run you hard and often not listened to your need for rest and restoration.

I also have at times based my happiness on how you looked or didn’t look…and had very conditional terms for our relationship. I have used a plus or minus 5 to 10 to 15 pounds to curse you or befriend you.

Please forgive me.

It is with appreciation that I recognize that all the while you have given me the experience of a rich human life with a healthy beating heart, filling my lungs with breath and you have flowed healthy blood through my veins for many many years.

You also co-created with the Divine and gave me the biggest gifts in my life – my 3 children.

Thank you, and I declare our coherence as partners in the human experience for now and forever.

Love from Your partner in this life,

Alexandra Joy

PS. I’m not going to lie. I do still love wearing a bikini especially on a boat in Positano!