In Intuitive Results Coaching you will truly “get” ​that y​​o​ur dreams are more than just possible to bring into existence, they are essential to bring into existence. When we are in alignment with our purpose, mission and vision, our dreams are simply a natural expression of following our intuitive nature, our truest, highest self.

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coaching packages

find clarity

In this single session of Intuitive Results Coaching, bring any specific issue or opportunity for growth to work through.

You will be left with clarity and specific action steps for true empowerment around the issue you choose to resolve.

find purpose

In 5 sessions you will discover the power of being connected to a highest purpose.

You will experience “who you really are”, your “essential uniqueness” on a whole new level. Navigating your life with your purpose in place provides the orienting principles for all that we “be” and all that we “do”.

find vision

In 10 sessions you will truly “get” that anything is possible for you and your life.

You already have the knowledge you need to create an amazing life.Together we will discover your values and purpose and create a plan that gives you a clear vision for empowered living.

find value

In this 90 minute session, you will work through the Dr.John Demartini Values Determination process.  You will be guided through the 13 step process to become crystal clear about your highest value and purpose which can provide us the clarity in which we can make all of our most important decisions in life.


You will get clarity and ​alignment to your life’s purpose in a ​five-step process using Intuitive Results Coaching. Dream, discover, define, determine and then do ​from ​a​n​ ​inspired personal action plan ​derived ​f​rom your deepest intuitive self. ​We are not “goal-setting” together as much as “listening into​”- “leaning into” your highest self. From intuiting ​into ​and discovering your highest self, you will get a window into your ​soul ​ which is where your essential purpose lies. ​

Our ​soul’s​ purpose is as unique to each of us as our individual DNA structure. ​You already have all the knowledge you need to ​envision an amazing, magnificent life​ from the deepest part of who you are – ‘your essence’ ; we will just tap into how to ​manifest it, together.

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