Climbing is always part of our expansion

I am currently spending the summer in Italy and Greece with my wonderful family and having the most amazing time appreciating the wonder.

Each day while in Positano and Capri, I climbed 1000 steps. To me, they represent what it takes to stay committed to what we yearn for in our lives…

Whether what we yearn for is in the area of *Love * Abundance * Health & Fitness (the steps kicked my a**!) * Contribution * Mind expansion * Soul expansion * or any other area your heart aches for, it takes the process of becoming someone other then who you have been being to match the frequency that is required to attract, create, manifest your yearnings in any area of life.

The illusion that it won’t take a climb of sorts and that the climb “to becoming” won’t require some sweat, grit and even tears (at times) is just that, an illusion.

But here’s the thing, the kind of climbing I am talking about isn’t the climbing framed by the old masculine way of working hard so that you can get a lot of stuff so that you can finally feel good. It is now the time framed by a new paradigm. A paradigm where you start the climb ALREADY feeling good, already BEING enough, already being whole and complete.

Who you become (grow into) as part of the journey is the point.

Always BEING that you are a beautiful open hearted, powerful being of light is the new way. This is the Feminine Way!

In this new way (in the light age), climbing doesn’t require motivation. You only need motivation when you are not truly aligned and need something or someone outside of yourself to get you through it. The new climb is inspired from within (needing no one or no thing outside of you to assist).

This kind of climbing only happens when you know who you are, why you are here and why you are climbing towards something in the first place! It’s not that motivation is wrong it’s just not necessary when you are aligned and aren’t caught in the “proving of yourself” maze.

So much of life can be a climb.

Just know for sure that our sense of wholeness, alignment and congruence with ourselves is what impacts how the climb shows up for us.

AND the climb is ALWAYS part of our expansion into becoming more of who we are!