Beautiful woman – the briefest insight can spark the biggest breakthroughs. It only takes one moment of awareness to catalyze ourselves into new paradigms of thought, new ways of being, and new worlds of possibility.

In “Insights”, Alexandra Joy will share her personal journey and the discoveries that have made the biggest difference for her, her clients and the leaders she has had the opportunity to study with and interview.

Live joyously. Step up and learn.

Moving from “I AM” to “WE ARE”

I have remained relatively quiet in my self-expression and have not been sharing really much of anything on my social media channels. Honestly, anything I really have to say seems to be oriented in feeling deep frustration at what I ...
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Let me start by saying that I have been quiet on all of my channels of communication. Generally, I have just wanted to be quiet everywhere, all the time. I have been in prayer, processing and peacefully protesting over the ...
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We can stand strong because WE are a WE!

In one of the most intense and potentially full of anxiety times in my lifetime to date, I am also struck by what is also possible for our WE.WE can come home and truly BE with the ones we love, ...
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Inconvenience {+ a free gift}

Last week I shared a video from my Find Your Shine Online program to empower you to create your amazing year from your SOUL ALIGNED Dreams vs Mind PATTERNED Goal Setting. I’d love to hear how you have experienced tuning ...
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Dreams Vs Goals {+free gift}

I hope you have flowed into 2020 with strong intention. Mine is to find the beauty, the magic and the wonder in the ordinary. I would love to hear yours, just hit reply and let me know. I recently shared ...
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The First Stage of Awakening: Waking Up

Life can be so simple, yet so complex. Whether we lie about it to ourselves and others, or not, we are desperate to look, discover and find something in our lives that will finally fulfill us; fulfill the ache of ...
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