Beautiful woman – the briefest insight can spark the biggest breakthroughs. It only takes one moment of awareness to catalyze ourselves into new paradigms of thought, new ways of being, and new worlds of possibility.

In “Insights”, Alexandra Joy will share her personal journey and the discoveries that have made the biggest difference for her, her clients and the leaders she has had the opportunity to study with and interview.

Live joyously. Step up and learn.

A Powerful Message & Intention for 2022!

Gorgeous Light-Filled Goddesses-I sat down to write this message for the upcoming year whilst still on the sacred island of Kauai. What a vortex of tropical mystery and rainy magic (especially during the month of December!).  The kind of rain ...
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Your Intuition is the Gateway

There is a pervasive illusion/delusion promulgated by patriarchal energies, which isn't about male versus female. It's about the patriarchal versus the matriarchal, the divine masculine versus the divine feminine. This illusion/delusion, lack of connection to the absolute truth, has been ...
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21 Signs that you are Living in the Wounded Feminine

You are rushing around all the time feeling you never have enough time.You are short-tempered and get annoyed easily.You interrupt people when they are speaking.You think crying makes you look weak.You cant find time to meditate or sit in the ...
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Dare to Move: Podcast with Garrett Wood

Please enjoy an interview I recently did with Garrett Wood on her DareToMove podcast. Over two episodes, I share about Sacred Cosmic Law and Divine Purpose, and guide you through the understanding of Cosmic Law, energy, powers of manifestation, what alignment ...
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Goddess Guiding: Wednesday Wisdom

Angels- What if the greatest currency you have is the truth? What if that truth was that you came to contribute YOU as a sacred offering? What if actually “being the offering of that truth” was the point of it ...
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The Greatest Shift In Consciousness is Now

Angels-We are now feeling and experiencing the greatest shift in consciousness in over 2000 years.  Many refer to this massive frequency upgrade as the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.  To be clear, the frequency shift really ...
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