Beautiful woman – the briefest insight can spark the biggest breakthroughs. It only takes one moment of awareness to catalyze ourselves into new paradigms of thought, new ways of being, and new worlds of possibility.

In “Insights”, Alexandra Joy will share her personal journey and the discoveries that have made the biggest difference for her, her clients and the leaders she has had the opportunity to study with and interview.

Live joyously. Step up and learn.

Portals for Growth

I continue to be in awe of what takes my breath away on this beautiful planet. Walking into our villa in Santorini recently, and seeing the spectacular view of the Caldera, was one of those moments that sent me to ...
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Climbing is always part of our expansion

I am currently spending the summer in Italy and Greece with my wonderful family and having the most amazing time appreciating the wonder. Each day while in Positano and Capri, I climbed 1000 steps. To me, they represent what it takes ...
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Dear Body

I have been living in Europe for weeks now with my family. I replace the word “traveling” with “living” as I want travel to truly be about immersing myself (therefore living) in every environment and every moment that I am ...
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Fall in Love with Life

This is an invitation and invocation of sorts for YOU! So, first let me say that I am a soul seer, truth seeker and sayer. My heart’s yearning is to connect with life, and others, at the deepest soul level ...
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Sitting in Stillness

In my work with women, what I know for sure is that we ALL struggle with baseline negative emotions and some nasty belief systems about ourselves that become our habits to feel and think about. We do this because it’s ...
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Love Your Unique Connection

I recently had my connection to the Divine Light Source questioned by a family member who has a belief system (structured in a Religious framework) that is totally established and bought into that you have to believe in a certain ...
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