When I think about creating abundance, it’s not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet; it’s about creating a life of possibility. It is about taking that which was scarce and making it abundant.
– Peter Diamandis

My personal dive into the sea of abundance was warped by the confusion around it being defined by the amount of money we had or, more often, did not have in my parent’s bank account growing up. It has taken me years to work through seeing that there is so much more available in the possibility of abundance that has nothing to do with money. I have learned that abundance is about a vast world of presence, beauty and true possibility that being in the “state of abundance” can provide.

My journey through, around and inside of the world of abundance started as a little girl. I was raised in familial environment where life was about making sure you surrounded yourself with beautiful things, beautiful people, beautiful everything, but mostly it was about creating the wealth that apparently was responsible for creating all those things.

But money slipped through the hands of my family of origin like water. It was the biggest source of struggle, pain and suffering. Life was good when we had money and bad when we didn’t. I can remember the fights that would ensue between my parents when money was low and we couldn’t pay for what we needed. The irony was that when we had oodles of cash to spend, no one really seemed that much happier; in fact there was this pervasive sense that we wouldn’t have it for long so we’d better spend it on what we want, NOW! Or at least that is what I seem to remember.
ABUNDANCE is defined in the dictionary as “overflowing fullness or extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply or affluence & wealth or ample quantity”. Clearly my journey as a child left me thinking that abundance was about being wealthy, and being abundantly wealthy meant you would somehow attain happiness, and in terms of the experience of abundance (having wealth), it was certainly conditional.

Nothing ever seemed to quite meet this imaginary conditional criteria so there was always this painful gap between what we had and what apparently we “should” have. In fact, how I see it, the need to always be living in some state of abundance (which to my parents was wealth) destroyed much of their life and created tons of chaos for my family.

To be clear, I do not blame anyone (any more!) for my experiences. Using transformational techniques, I have gained a powerful perspective of these years and truly know that my parents were doing the best job they could with what they had in front of them and behind them in terms of their histories. They used their neural pathways, in the best way they knew how, and were shaped by their experiences and perceptions of what living a fulfilled life was about. Most importantly, the chaos around money and abundance (or lack of) has given me one of my greatest gifts; that is my pursuit of authentic transformation as my purpose in life and the quest to understand what abundance really is. It might even be my raison d’être, as having now worked on transforming all that I perceived to have happened in my past, I have created an incredibly transformed and abundant life.

I have discovered that the confusion around abundance stems from it being seen as a state to arrive at, rather than a vibrational state to come from. The word abundance often gets used in the same sentence as wealth and there is nothing wrong with that, if you look at wealth as the health of abundance “realized” or created into reality. BUT, experiencing abundance ONLY in the context of wealth building or as a place to get to is both limiting and confining to the possibilities that lie within the world of abundance.

You cannot ‘get abundant’ or ‘find abundance,’ you have TO BE abundant and live from a place of abundance, in the same way as you need to live from a state of health to be healthy. It is a way to BE in the world, a way of being for you and others. As Wayne Dyer says, abundance “is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

I have clearly learned about abundance through experiencing both agony and ecstasy in my life and can safely say that the beauty of the state has now created home in my heart. I have an amazing life and only want to contribute the distinctions around the states of abundance, possibility and breakthroughs to the people who are the most interested in being present to them.

I would say now that I am sure that abundance is neither positive, nor negative, but just IS a state to come from in our lives. It is our birthright (not to be confused with entitlement) and it is not about either too little or too much. You are not better with an abundant life, or worse, as abundance just IS.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.
– Eckhart Tolle

Acknowledging the “good” is where we start. One of the phrases that has always bugged me is ‘less is more’. What the heck does that mean? I wouldn’t walk up to a beautiful rose in the rose garden and tell the overflowing, gorgeous rose bush that “less is more, so only grow a few luscious roses please!”

It’s a ridiculous imposition on our world to think that there is anything less than abundance as a possibility for all of us. But here’s the thing: living from the state of abundance takes something! As we all know, it takes doing the work to have direct access to anything, especially when we are in the experience of limitations, scarcity, experiencing problems and/or times are tough.

In my ‘The Beauty of Abundance” mini e-book, you are going to learn how to access abundance as a state of being, one step at a time… not as a destination, but as a vibrational place in ourselves to come from, a way of interacting with the world.

Werner Erhard calls it “the occurring”, and how life can “occur” for you, for me, for us, is that it is possible for abundance to be our natural way of experiencing everything in our world. It is how the world can just “show up” for us.

Let’s do the work and take on the Presence and the Beauty of Abundance step by step as a natural way of being together in the world.