I am Alexandra Joy Smith. I’m a Soul-Sparking Speaker, Celebrated Author, Quantum Intuitive Soul Guide, Divine Light Channel and Midwife for your Soul. ✨


I believe You Are Goddess – A Divine, Sovereign Being made of the Infinite Field of Possibility who is here in a beautifully embodied feminine form.

I have a burning desire for you to awaken to your Soul’s truth and own your destiny, so that you are vibrating at the highest frequency possible and truly being the light.

I’m on a mission to empower you to wake up your inner Cosmic Queen – who, when awakened, is a Magical Miracle Manifestor, who leaves her unique magnetic signature on the world by being ALL of who she is!

Know this gorgeous: The only reason you aren’t attracting or manifesting what you choose to create in your life is that you are not a vibrational match to it…period!

Hi gorgeous woman!

By utilizing the most innovative methodologies – based in neuroscience, evolutionary biology, quantum energy field sciences – and tapping into and being connected to the Angelic Realms…

We can literally brain-hack your conditioning, limiting beliefs, icky emotions and disempowering stories so that you can wipe your historic slate clean, unlock your truth, discover your Soul’s destiny, raise your vibration… and be connected to and channel your own divine light.

And so you become a magnet for all that you desire, a clear vessel for what you are meant to create and contribute.

My loving suggestion to you Sister, is that if you are here looking for the next 7 steps / strategies / tips to creating your #dreamlife…then I am not for you. This work is deeper than that, and can be a little challenging at times (but always, deeply rewarding).

I have done it all, and here is what I have come to realize after my 30+ years, and 1 million dollars plus (yes, $1m+!) spend in the space of transformation, health and wellness, and spiritual practice.

Unlike the Coaches out there (and there are many with very little training!), I stand for your awakening in a way that the “self-help” industry is not talking about and just doesn’t focus on in the way it should.

I don’t care about your goals that you come up with from your head, I care about what your heart yearns to feel, so that you can match your existence to that deep connection.

I don’t care about you just being happy (you can get that from a glass of wine!) – I care about you experiencing the ecstasy of joy and truly feeling the raw and real parts of existence, so that you are one resilient and fierce Cosmic Queen.

Let me say it straight, I have been around very successful millionaires who have tons and tons of stuff in their lives that you would think would make them happy people. But that is just not the case. Mostly, they are no more free then you are!

We ALL yearn to bring forth something deeply authentic from our Soul’s yearning into this life – and we all suffer at a core level if we don’t have a way to access what that is, and how we fulfill on it once we discover it.

And the truth is, we also ALL go through pain and challenges.

It is how we deal with them that counts.


So if you’re open and willing to be guided by a deeply divine connection while embracing and embodying Universal, law-based principles founded in Neuroscience, Ancient Mysticism and Modern Day Evolutionary Biology…

(Principles that when embodied, transform your life in every way imaginable)

… then I invite you into this sacred space, to guide and support you.


My Path

Beautiful, I know what it is like to be in pursuit of the #dreamlife.

I am a journey woman, who has been willing to do just about anything to hack into the experience of being human.

You could certainly look at my life from the outside and think I have what every Cosmic Chick thinks they want.

But that is not that case!!

And even with having it all on the outside. I have experienced many a “vomiting on the bathroom floor” moment. I have had the kind of pain that sent me to my knees in prayer. My heart shattered wide open.

My journey has not always been a walk through the land of unicorns and fairies.

Gorgeous, I am just like you are.

I am a heartfelt woman yearning to make a difference, who wants to be seen at the deepest level while experiencing a very cool and fun life. Yet I’ve endured personal challenges that could have killed me if I didn’t choose to learn and grow from them.

Even after doing all the work to heal my version of a very dysfunctional childhood, endlessly practising the law of attraction, spending over $1 million and 30 years on working on myself in personal development and transformational programs…

My life still came crashing down before me.

At the 13 year mark of my marriage, I thought we just had typical issues arise, but later uncovered that there was betrayal running the show in the background.

I won’t go into the details, but let’s just say I have experienced “the dark night of my Soul” leaving my heart ripped apart.

This revealed to me what was really missing from my life, and allowed me to get in touch with what my Soul was truly yearning for.

What I realized during those deepest darkest moments was that while it looked like I had everything on the outside, everything that a girl THINKS she wants…

A marriage with my twin flame, three gorgeous guru’s (children), a beautiful million-dollar home in a place I love, driving Mercedes and Range Rovers, and the luxury of travelling all over the world.

(thanks in part to all of the “shelf help” work that I had done)

…but on the inside I was empty, with no spiritual connection nor deeper purpose.

What I discovered was that the Universe had to teach me the harshest of lessons, so that I could wake up to what we are here for, and uncover what life was really all about!

A deep connection to the Divine!

A connection that is delicious, juicy and as unique to us as our DNA. It is through that connection that we can discover and live what our true Soul’s Calling really is.

For me, it was THROUGH my “vomit on the bathroom floor” moments that I became connected and aligned to the light, and found deeper meaning, raw JOY and started living my profound purpose in life.

I was able to rise up and evolve into a resilient, lit-up, Cosmic Queen. Now I guide and empower my gorgeous clients to do the same.

The Essence of What I Do

In my work today, I get to live aligned with my divine assignment, and there is no greater fulfillment than that — the kind of fulfillment that brings me immense JOY!

I’ve studied with some of the greatest teachers in Transformation, I have a degree in Psychology, and a multitude of Life Coaching certifications to my name.

I am an Author. I am a Spiritual Guide. I am a Midwife for your Soul.

And I am thrilled to be in the process of publishing my new book – Create Like A Cosmic Queen – A Cosmic Chick’s Guide to Making Love to Life.

This Guide is an invocation to the woman who is ready to step into ALL of who she is — a fearless, fierce and free divine being who when connected powerfully to the divine feminine light source can be, do and have a magnificent life full of wonder….

In my words and my work, I have learned to tap into and trust my intuition — and I am passionate about empowering my clients to ignite and embody their intuition, so that it becomes the beacon for guiding their lives.

I wholeheartedly believe the only thing stopping us from making our wildest dreams a reality is the beliefs that we have created around those dreams.

And today, I work with powerful women (like you) who yearn to live their dreams from their divinely-inspired purpose.

When we work together,

I will help you break through any limiting belief patterns you’re holding onto — so you are empowered to create and manifest the life of your dreams…

And gracefully overcome any curveballs that Life throws your way.

I will guide you to surrender to and connect with something bigger than yourself, and trust in the perfect flow of the Universe.

Together we will break through any barriers by discovering, determining, and dreaming — so that you can be guided by the divine and in inspired action from a deep place of intuition… (no motivation needed!)

And become a magical manifestor of all that you desire.

If you are ready to become a fearless, fierce and divine woman…

Then trust right this way, beautiful.

We’d go together like unicorns & rainbows if:

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My Education, Training & Professional Bio

Alexandra Joy is a PHD candidate in Philosophy specializing in Holistic Life Coaching. She has over 30 years of training in Spiritual and Transformational Settings, and holds numerous Certifications in her field, including:

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Her approach has not only been influenced by all of her formal training in health, Wellness and Spirituality — but also by her rigorous study of the frameworks of modern-day Luminaries and Visionaries in the field of Transformative Psychology, Relationships, Business and Optimal Wellbeing.

These luminaries include: Dr. Daniel Siegel, Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. John Demartini, Esther Perel, Esther Hicks, David Asprey, Brendon Burchard, Arnold Siegel, Werner Erhard and Tony Robbins.