about alexandra

I am a mother, wife, student of life and an intuitive results coach whose highest value is transformation.

I am passionate about inspiring others to experience life as full of possibility.

I never knew my heart would tear open so deeply to a force full of love when I gave birth to my first child. I now have three children and three times that infinite love. However, a part of my identity and connection to a greater contribution beyond motherhood felt hidden & suppressed by trying to fit in to some kind of defined role. My lifestyle and role changed from corporate executive to having children but my passion, interests, inspirations and dreams did not. After going through some major trials and tribulations which were my greatest catalysts for much needed breakthroughs, I discovered that the presence and purity of the love I experienced when my children were born was the point of it all.

If I told you, you could live an inspired life absolutely connected to your highest purpose, to true love and presence (the NOW) AND be lit up daily while being a parent, spouse, entrepreneur, or being an employee of a company or in any other role life throws your way … would you believe me?

I bring a lifetime of study with some of the greatest Teachers and modalities in transformation, spirituality and empowered living. I have a BA in psychology, life coaching certifications and 25 years of experience in health and wellness. I work with powerful women who yearn to connect to and live their dreams from their divinely inspired purposes on the planet. I am on a mission to empower women to rock the world with their dreams and purposes so they can shine in a life they love.

I look forward to empowering you through the big transitions in your life and I promise to bring my heart, presence and intuition to every session and every program.

Through love,

I now access and trust my intuition and assist others with doing the same. I now live to inspire people into breaking through any historic belief patterns so that they are empowered to be fully present with the clarity to create and manifest authentic visions, missions and purposes which when truly connected can emerge organically from a higher source.

You and I will work together on accessing your ability to see deeply into your own life.

You will be empowered with innovative systems and strategies that draw from my life coaching certification from Authentic Education in Sydney, and my work with the Enneagram, Landmark Education, Dr. John Demartini’s Values work, Woman Within work, my experience in the realm of psychology, and 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry.

We will look at

  • What lights you up and brings you joy in your life?
  • What are our greatest areas of contribution to others?
  • What is the greatest, purest, fullest expression of us at the deepest level?
  • Where is true love and joy really accessed from for all of us?

Through the process you will develop the awareness that true surrender to something higher occurs relationship with someone else or something else and that dance always requires our intuitive nature and our trust in the perfect flow of the universe.

The only thing standing in the way of ALL OF US living from our highest purposes and living in alignment with a life force full of love and possibility are the beliefs that limit us. Together we will presence the NOW and breakthrough any barriers by dreaming, discovering, determining and ultimately being in action from a deep place of intuition and a higher place of contribution… sourcing the highest level of love throughout the journey.

“Live. Love. Shine.”

Intuitive Results Coach
BA in Psychology
Living Joyously
Mother & Wife
Guru who thinks she knows it all
25+ years’ experience working in the Health, Fitness and Wellness Industry
Baptitse Level 1 Yoga Instructor
Master Communicator
New Yorker at Heart
Dr John Demartini Values Determination Facilitator A lifetime of study with some of the greatest teachers in transformation, spirituality and empowered living*


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“So they say people come into our lives for either a reason or a season, well this was exactly my encounter with, Alexandra. She came into my life right when I felt like I was at a stand still and something was just missing. Through our work together, she has brought so much meaning and clarification to what seemed to be I was missing or I was seeking, my values. Her energy, her enthusiasm, her passion and her inspiration are only a few of the amazing qualities that she carries.

I find myself in many scenarios, where I want to react to something in a certain way and automatically she pops in my mind and I say, “what would Alexandra do? Or say”. I quickly change my frame of mind and handle the situation in a better manner, a manner that I would have dealt with differently had her words of wisdom not been whispering in my ear.”

—Termeh Afkari, Owner of Hair by Termeh 

shining reviews

“Alexandra’s coaching has been instrumental to the success of not only our business, but our lives. She takes the time to focus on our energy, our magic, and our passion. This creates a powerful connection to everything we are doing, creating, and has generated a lens for us to look through for all choices: truly creating results unachievable without her support.”

—Lindsey Kaalberg & Brittany Blum, Co-Founders of Ritual Hot Yoga

“Alexandra is a master at continually seeing areas where I’d fallen asleep or was acting out of a set way of being. She has the ability to be both a space for deep listening, while also offering up years of education as a resource, but she speaks it all from the heart. I am newly inspired around my business, building up wealth and following my dream. If you’re looking for a warm hearted, business minded, clear, straight, yet boldly loving coach, no need to go any further! “

—Suzette Hibble, SHE Photography

alexandra joy review

“Alexandra, you have truly impacted my life. Your unique approach to assist me in finding my purpose is obviously from your heart. I am grateful for the work you gave me to get aligned with my life’s purpose. After many years of soulfully seeking I can finally say that I am living a deeply meaningful life. Thank you for your passion and purpose in guiding women to shine in the one life that God has given them. You are an inspiration!”

—Jennifer B.