About the Magic & Mystery


Gorgeous Sister… My work is for the woman who is ready to dive deep and RISE.

There is a cacophony of noise out there about how to be a mindful, happy, wealthy, “living your best self” chick who is with her dream partner, rocking her dream body, and in her dream career….

And there are tons of Coaches with virtually no formal training and thousands of seminars, workshops and online programs that guarantee nirvana if you follow 7 tips for living, 12 strategies for building wealth, and/or follow 3 steps to manifesting the love of your life.

This is my loving guidance for you, beautiful:

If you are here looking for more of the strategies, systems, tips and tricks to get happy, rich and loved, then my work just won’t resonate with you.

I believe that there’s a lot of value to be found out there in the “self-help world” — but after my 30 year journey as a truth-seeker and truth-sayer, my own work in the world is different, and a matter of your Soul.

There is no problem if you want more quick tips, strategies and steps to success, and if that is where you’re at in your journey, I send you love and light — and I also have a little black book of newer Coaches who DO do that stuff, and am happy to share their names with you.

But MY divine assignment is profoundly deeper — and we won’t work well as a Guide and Client if you are looking for the easy, simple or quick way out.

On the other hand, if you HAVE tried everyone else’s spiritual and transformational tips, tricks and strategies out there; maybe you’ve even tried finding the Guru…

And you’re still exhausted, still spinning with uncertainty, still don’t speak your truth, and still have no consistent connection to the highest version of yourself, nor a relationship with the Divine Light Source — Universe, Source, God, Goddess, etc. — that holds everything together…

Or if you have accomplished some of your supposed goals — and are still left chasing more goals while never really having true fulfillment, a sense of true joy and profound pleasure, or true presence to the wonder…


Then I welcome you to the magic and mystery of the work I do in the world.

I will guide you to surrendering to something bigger than yourself so that you can trust in the perfect flow of the universe. After all, the only thing stopping us from making our wildest dreams a reality are our limiting beliefs. Together we will break through the barriers which keep you spinning in uncertainty and plagued with self-doubt.

My work is designed to get you out of your head, and into your heart, so you can live from the truth of your Soul while being connected to the Divine.
This is where the majesty of living resides.

Ready to start living from the truth of your Soul?


Beautiful YOU…

  • I am interested in you being Soulful once you have mastered being mindful.

  • I am interested in what your Soul yearns to express fully in this lifetime.

  • I am interested in you listening to the throbbing of your Soul and it’s longing, and tuning into the answers you have inside.

Because the inner-knowing from your Soul, when trusted and honored, gives you access to the vastness of possibility that is only available when living life tapped into your Intuition.

Not to mention that living an awakened, Soul-centred life is the path of the Cosmic Queen.

Now to the Cosmic Queen.

The woman you are going to become on our journey together.

The Cosmic Queen has hacked the Vicious Cycle, and overcome her unconscious programming and conditioning — moving from a predictable life based in the past, to living an inspired life designed and aligned to the divine.

  • She is living a cosmically connected life and as fierce, fearless and free; while also grounded in her sovereign existence (with no apologies!).
  • She is an Oracle of sorts that loves love and life and the process of manifesting miracles and magic in it. She trusts herself completely.
  • She is in inspired action. She is in action from an aligned Heart & Soul. No motivation needed!
  • She is willing to dissolve her fears for an inspired vision that is greater than her and is completely true to her Soul’s yearning.
  • She is our Muse living in alignment to the Divine.
  • AND most importantly she realizes that she is a Soul with a Body – and not a Body with a Soul .

My work is about hacking your Soul Code so that when you do, your life unfolds like a gorgeous Sunrise.

It is about embodying that the wounds you overcome create your wisdom.

It is about raising your frequency to match the vibration of what you are truly meant to attract in your life.

In my work you develop a blueprint for your Soul that creates the foundation for daily authentic and aligned living.

Yet know that living in this kind of authenticity and alignment takes courage. The kind of courage that it takes to climb the highest mountain or move from a city where everyone knows you to somewhere that no one does.

And doing the real work takes being brutally (and lovingly) honest with yourself.

Life makes love to you when you have the courage to make love to yourself – by owning all of who you are, and removing all of the (once) unconscious patterns and past beliefs that have gotten you to this point…

In doing this kind of Soul work you will discover the magic and mystery.


I am committed to empowering women to meet their Soul’s truth in a way that has them recognizing what their unique signature is in the world.

And when you get that your unique signature comes from the wisdom you gained from your biggest wounds, you are set FREE.

You are free to experience a life full of contribution, love, joy, peace, grace – living in concert with a delicious connection to the divine feminine light source.

It is actually not as complex as we make it.

There are just barriers in the way of listening to your Soul (for all of us!), and when you clear them, life can make love to you in unimaginable ways.

If you are still reading then welcome, beautiful you.

Are you ready to journey into your Soul’s truth?


You should also know what I stand for:

  • There is a majesty, a magic and a mystery to living that is not found in the mind, and that is NOT found in the self-help books that sit on your bookshelf or through the motivational quotes you are writing for or reading on social media— it is found by tapping into your Soul and your Intuition.

  • Getting out of the mind, and into your body is KEY — this is so you can hear the whispers of your Soul which will catapult you into experiencing the wholeness of existence.

  • Having heartfelt appreciation of the perfection of what your journey has been until now is the key to moving into the next dimensions of the Universe - judgement and self-criticism have no place in my work, honesty and authenticity does.

  • You will get that life has happened for you, not to you, gorgeous woman!

  • The world NEEDS your amazing gifts, and your unique electromagnetic signature; expressed in only the way that you can express it.

  • We are all made up of energy as everything is. Our frequencies (the energy that we emit) needs to match what we yearn to create, only then can we actually attract and manifest the life we dream of living from our hearts.

  • You stepping into all of who you are, which is essentially becoming whole, will contribute to you and the planet more than any other actions you can take.

  • We are vessels for the Divine to realize HERSELF into existence. We just need to get out of the way.

Feel we’re in alignment, beautiful woman?