21 Signs that you are Living in the Wounded Feminine

  1. You are rushing around all the time feeling you never have enough time.
  2. You are short-tempered and get annoyed easily.
  3. You interrupt people when they are speaking.
  4. You think crying makes you look weak.
  5. You cant find time to meditate or sit in the stillness.
  6. You search online for ways to get your goals.
  7. You are judging yourself.
  8. You are judging others.
  9. You are comparing yourself to others.
  10. You think getting better habits will make you happy (and you read all of the how-to create habits in 7-21 day books!).
  11. You think prayer is for religious people and/or church.
  12. You are convinced you are not “smart enough”.
  13. You are convinced you are not “good enough”.
  14. You think “holding ceremony” and having an altar is somehow the opposite of holy.
  15. You think life is happening “to you” not “for you" - always!
  16. You are blaming others and everything outside of yourself for the state of your life.
  17. You are trying to control everything by being really organized and get frustrated when you are not.
  18. You wish you were more “disciplined.”
  19. You do not trust your intuition at all.
  20. You think the more you have, the happier you will be.
  21. You keep trying to follow other peoples 7-steps to, 21 day strategies to, weight loss diets, creating abundance plans, etc. and feel like you fail at them!

As you go through the list below, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do any of these really speak to and spark something in me?
  • Do I recognize that any of the traits I am demonstrating as disempowering me and needing healing?
  • Am I ready to embrace my full vulnerability?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, then you're on the right path here with me!

Recognizing where you have wounding is a major keycode to owning your truth and living your authentic alignment.

Developing the ability to be totally authentic is the first step to allow yourself to start the healing process as you are move into being able to witness the self (you). Understand that you are not your wounds as many of them are developed as part of societal conditioning. These wounds have become part of our cultural DNA that have been passed down from generation to generation in the lineage of what it is to be a woman.

But now, we are finally ready to break the cycle for us, our daughters and the daughters to come!

Let us commit to our individual and collective healing so we can start living from a much healthier energetic frequency - which includes integrating the Sacred Feminine within.